Binance’s new IEO project Arkham: On-chain information sharing platform or accomplice to betrayal?

With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, data analysis of cryptocurrency wallet addresses is becoming increasingly important. However, obtaining this data often requires a lot of time and effort, as this data is scattered across different blockchains and lacks integration and standardization. To address this issue, Arkham, a blockchain intelligence company, has launched the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange – “Arkham IntelExchange,” which aims to establish a decentralized intelligence market driven by smart contracts to facilitate the transaction and sharing of blockchain intelligence.

The core market of Arkham Intel Exchange is the buying and selling market of cryptocurrency wallet address intelligence. In this market, bounty hunters can seek on-chain information by locking funds to obtain information about cryptocurrency addresses or entities. These bounties can be completed by blockchain researchers or detectives who will exchange intelligence for compensation. It is reported that the system will be officially launched on July 18, and its platform token, ARKM, will become the world’s first encrypted intelligence token, which will be listed on Binance on the same day.

Arkham Intel Exchange: A blockchain intelligence platform co-built by the four parties to realize free exchange of information

Arkham Intel Exchange is a smart contract-driven decentralized intelligence market. On the one hand, users can request intelligence from the community by placing bounties on this market. On the other hand, bounty hunters can obtain rewards by submitting the required intelligence. The operation of this exchange involves four roles: bounty issuers, bounty hunters, intelligence merchants, and intelligence collectors.

Bounty issuers

Bounty issuers refer to individuals or organizations that post bounties on Arkham Intel Exchange. Bounty issuers can set the amount and validity period of the bounty and describe the required intelligence content. For example, they may need to know the identity of the owner of a certain cryptocurrency wallet address or need to understand the activity trajectory of a certain entity on the blockchain. Bounty issuers need to lock a certain amount of funds as a guarantee for the bounty.

Bounty hunters

Bounty hunters refer to individuals or organizations that complete bounty tasks. They can obtain the required intelligence content by conducting various investigations and research on the blockchain and communicate with bounty issuers. Bounty hunters need to submit the obtained intelligence content to the exchange and receive rewards after verification.

Intelligence broker

An intelligence broker refers to an individual or organization that sells intelligence on the Arkham Intel Exchange. They can publish their own intelligence content on the exchange and set prices. Other users can purchase this intelligence content and obtain the necessary permissions to make the purchase. Intelligence brokers can profit by selling intelligence.

Intelligence collector

An intelligence collector refers to an individual or organization that collects intelligence on the Arkham Intel Exchange. They can collect various types of information and data on the blockchain through methods such as crawlers and data analysis, and organize and publish them on the exchange. Other users can view this intelligence content and pay a fee to obtain the necessary permissions. Intelligence collectors can profit by selling intelligence content.

There are two ways to trade information on the Arkham Intel Exchange. The first is to obtain information by posting a bounty task on the Arkham platform. The bounty issuer needs to post a bounty task on the Arkham platform, and set the bounty amount, validity period, etc. The task will be announced on the Arkham platform and all bounty hunters can view it. If a bounty hunter is interested in the task, they can click to accept it. To ensure the timeliness of the task, bounty hunters need to submit a certain amount of ARKM tokens as a deposit when accepting the task to indicate that they have accepted the task and will do their best to complete it. Next, bounty hunters can use various methods to collect the required intelligence content and submit it to the Arkham Intel Exchange for review. The intelligence reviewer will review the submitted intelligence content. If the intelligence content meets the requirements of the bounty task, the bounty hunter will receive the bounty amount and the deposit will be returned. Otherwise, they will lose the deposit and be subject to certain penalties.

The second way is to obtain high-value information through auction bidding. This method mainly targets users who have high-value information. These users can publicly auction verified intelligence information through the Arkham platform, and the highest bidder will win. During the auction process, bidders need to use ARKM tokens for bidding. The highest bidder will obtain access to the intelligence information and pay the corresponding tokens to the information provider. This method can bring higher profits to information providers, and provide more convenient and efficient ways for users who need high-value information to obtain it.

Arkham also has rules and mechanisms to ensure fair and transparent transactions. Encrypted information traded on Arkham has a 90-day access period, during which only users who sponsor the bounty can access the intelligence. After 90 days, the information will be added to the Arkham platform and made available to all Arkham community members for free. In addition, for cases where the quality of the bounty task reply is poor, Arkham will impose fines on the pledged funds to ensure the quality and reliability of the bounty task.

ARKM Token and Intel-to-Earn Dual Incentive Create New On-Chain Information Trading Model

ARKM Token is the native token of the Arkham Intel Exchange ecosystem and the first encrypted intelligence token. The airdrop of the token was snapshot on July 8th. Accounts of witch attackers and those trying to manipulate the system have been marked and cannot claim the airdrop. The airdrop will go live on July 18th and can only be claimed by entering the address through the official Arkham website. According to official data, the total issuance of ARKM tokens is 1 billion, with the distribution as follows: 50% to the treasury, 20% to investors, 20% to the team, 5% to market makers, and 5% as rewards.

As the native utility token of the Arkham Intel Exchange ecosystem, ARKM Token has multiple uses. Token holders have governance rights and can vote on the strategic direction of Arkham. In addition, ARKM Token can also be used to reward users who contribute to the Arkham ecosystem, such as intelligence collectors, intelligence traders, and bounty hunters. Users can obtain ARKM rewards by submitting information intelligence, recommending new users, and other behaviors that are beneficial to the development of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, ARKM Token can also be used to enjoy discounts when paying on Arkham, helping users reduce usage costs. ARKM payment discounts can provide up to 50% discounts depending on the amount and holding time of the tokens. To prevent abuse of the system, ARKM holders need to lock the tokens for at least 30 days to obtain holding discounts. ARKM payment discounts are implemented through browser wallets, while holding discounts are implemented through simple auditing smart contracts. Users can withdraw tokens at any time after the lock-up period ends. These mechanisms not only encourage users to participate in the platform’s development and contribution, but also provide users with more profit and reward opportunities, promoting the prosperity and development of the Arkham ecosystem.

ARKM Discount Table

In addition to payment discounts, Arkham also provides incentives, including ARKM rewards and Intel-to-Earn mechanism. The ARKM reward plan aims to reward behaviors that are beneficial to the Arkham ecosystem, such as projects that contribute to the ecosystem, ecosystem partners, etc. The Intel-to-Earn mechanism provides a way for on-chain researchers to monetize their skills. The mechanism incentivizes users to actively participate in the ecosystem by matching blockchain buyers and sellers of intelligence economic information, including intelligence collectors, intelligence traders, and bounty hunters. These users can obtain ARKM token rewards by submitting intelligence data, selling intelligence data, or completing bounty tasks, increasing the demand and circulation of ARKM tokens, and promoting the development and growth of the Arkham ecosystem.

The dual incentive model of ARKM tokens and Intel-to-Earn mechanism has created a new blockchain-based information trading model for the Arkham Intel Exchange ecosystem. The various applications and reward mechanisms of ARKM tokens, together with the real-world information provided by the Intel Exchange platform, enhance the transparency and traceability of cryptocurrency trading. The emergence of this new model not only injects new vitality and impetus into online information trading, but also brings a more efficient, transparent, and secure ecosystem to the entire blockchain industry, promoting the healthy development of the industry.

New opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry: Arkham Intel Exchange promotes healthy market development

The launch of Arkham Intel Exchange is aimed at solving problems of transparency and information asymmetry in the cryptocurrency market. With the development of blockchain technology, more and more people are joining the industry and need to obtain more industry information to understand market trends and project dynamics. However, traditional intelligence trading methods have problems such as information leakage and non-transparent transactions, leading to the unhealthy development of the intelligence trading market. The launch of Arkham Intel Exchange provides a safer, more transparent, and more efficient intelligence trading platform for the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, the demand for on-chain analysis by traders, investors, journalists, researchers, and protocols is increasing. These people need to know detailed information about blockchain activity, but they lack the time and expertise to conduct proficient on-chain analysis. At the same time, more and more excellent on-chain researchers are joining the on-chain analysis community every day, and these people have unique and useful professional knowledge, but currently lack a way to monetize their skills.

Arkham Intel Exchange provides these talented researchers with a way to monetize their skills (intel-to-earn) and meets the growing demand for on-chain research in a scalable way by connecting the supply and demand of on-chain intelligence. This new intelligence trading model not only provides a safer, more transparent, and more efficient intelligence trading platform, but also provides a new way for on-chain researchers to earn rewards, promoting positive industry development.

Compared with traditional intelligence trading methods, Arkham Intel Exchange has the following advantages:

Firstly, higher security. Due to the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, all transaction data is recorded on the blockchain, eliminating the risk of information leakage and tampering during the transaction process. At the same time, the contract between the two parties to the transaction is also automated, without the need for third-party institutions to intervene, reducing transaction risk. In addition, Arkham Intel Exchange provides a variety of security measures, such as review mechanisms, credit rating, etc., to provide users with a more secure trading environment.

Secondly, higher transaction transparency. All transaction data is publicly recorded on the blockchain, and anyone can view and verify it, ensuring transparency and fairness of transactions, and reducing the possibility of fraud and improper transactions. In addition, Arkham Intel Exchange also provides functions such as entity analysis, token page, visualization tools, ULTRA intelligent engine, etc., which help users better analyze and judge on-chain information and data, achieve higher transparency and credibility.

Secondly, higher transaction efficiency. Traditional intelligence transaction methods require transactions to be conducted through intermediary agencies, and the cumbersome transaction process and high transaction costs affect transaction efficiency. Arkham Intel Exchange realizes an automated transaction process through smart contracts, reducing transaction costs, while improving transaction speed and efficiency. In addition, Arkham Intel Exchange provides a variety of transaction methods, such as bounty tasks, information queries, and information auctions, which can meet the needs of different users, improve transaction flexibility and convenience.

The emergence of Arkham Intel Exchange has had a positive impact on the global blockchain intelligence market. It provides a more secure, transparent, and efficient intelligence trading platform, which promotes the development and growth of the blockchain intelligence market. It also enhances the transparency and traceability of cryptocurrency transactions, helping to reduce the possibility of fraud and improper transactions, and promoting the healthy development of the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, by providing more accurate and reliable intelligence data, Arkham Intel Exchange has also played a positive role in promoting the application and development of blockchain technology, helping to promote the popularization and promotion of blockchain technology.

Arkham Intel Exchange: An information trading platform or a whistleblower profit platform?

Arkham Intel Exchange is the world’s first blockchain-based intelligence trading platform, which has attracted widespread market attention since it announced its upcoming launch. However, the public has questioned the platform’s business model, believing that it is a “whistleblower profit” or “whistleblower-as-a-service” program and is regarded as a centralized intelligence agency. Although Arkham provides a compliant blockchain-based information trading platform, which enables more industry professionals to realize the value of information research through the platform, it also provides a channel for information leakers to liquidate. Whether this business model complies with ethical and legal norms is one of the focuses of public attention.

One of the biggest controversies is how to determine whether an information provider is an information thief. The essence of information transaction is the buying and selling of information, while the boundary between information theft and information leakage is not clear, which is also one of the difficult problems faced by information transaction platforms. Arkham has not given a clear answer to define whether the information provider is an information thief, which is one of the controversial points that has raised public doubts about Arkham. If Arkham cannot effectively identify and prevent the illegal transaction of information, it will become a platform that can profit from theft and leakage. This will pose a threat to the privacy and data security of the public, and also have a negative impact on industry research and competition.

Another issue of public concern is the controversy over the anonymity of blockchain. Arkham Intel Exchange previously claimed that de-anonymization is the fate of the encryption market and stated that the platform’s goal is to achieve the de-anonymization of blockchain. However, this idea has been strongly opposed by advocates of blockchain privacy. These advocates quickly discovered that Arkham’s referral links contained information leakage through the links for promotion code drainage. By inserting information into the Base64 decoder, they could obtain additional data from Arkham’s referral links and then obtain the complete email address of the referrer. This issue has caused strong reactions in the privacy-centered encryption community. Some people believe that this is intentionally done by Arkham to test users’ reaction to information leakage and to promote its goal of de-anonymizing blockchain.

As Arkham Intel Exchange is about to be officially launched on July 18th, it is urgent to deal with the issue of user or institutional losses caused by information release. For example, if internal staff of the exchange leak the news of new coins on the platform in advance, once the news is known to investment institutions, both the exchange and the new coin project will be affected. How to solve these problems is the focus of public attention and also the area where information trading platforms need to strengthen their regulatory and security mechanisms. In order to ensure the legality, security, and fairness of information trading, Arkham Intel Exchange needs to cooperate and negotiate with regulatory agencies, industry organizations, and users to establish corresponding risk management mechanisms and maintain the fairness and transparency of information trading. Only in this way can information trading platforms gain the trust and support of the public and provide a more robust foundation for the healthy development of the entire industry.


Overall, although there are still some controversies or imperfections in Arkham currently, as a new project, we cannot question the future prospects of the entire project just because of the existing controversies. The top priority of Arkham is to come up with solutions as soon as possible to respond to public concerns. For example, the issue of user information leakage can be improved by establishing stricter user privacy protection rules and audit mechanisms. As for the business model, this needs to be optimized and adjusted by the Arkham team in the later stage.

As the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange, Arkham Intel Exchange undoubtedly plays a great role in promoting the value of on-chain information. It brings new possibilities for the application and development of blockchain technology, and promotes the development and growth of the entire industry. Therefore, despite some challenges and problems, the future development of Arkham Intel Exchange is still worth looking forward to.

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