Everything you need to know about the Optimism Bedrock upgrade

Optimism Mainnet will undergo Bedrock upgrade on June 7th, with two main upgrade contents: making EVM as close to Layer1 as possible and reducing the difference between them; lowering transaction costs and improving transaction speed. Cryptocurrency researcher Chen Jian explained the key points of this upgrade in layman’s terms.

As much as possible equivalent to EVM: Currently, the difference between OP and ETH client code is almost 3000 lines, but it is expected that the difference will be less than 500 lines after the upgrade. Previous version differences with Ethereum will be removed, and support for EIP1559 will be added. However, although Bedrock will support different gas prices and have a private memory pool for pending transactions after using EIP1559, opportunities for MEV such as frontrunning and sandwich attacks will not exist.

Cost reduction and performance improvement: This upgrade will optimize data compression strategies to minimize Layer1 security fees (i.e. the cost of rolling up data to Layer1) and eliminate CTC contracts to further reduce gas costs. Additionally, deposit speed will be increased, with an expected time of only 3 minutes after the upgrade.

Security will also be improved. First, fraud proof is closer through modular abstraction of the proof system, allowing the use of zk-SNARK and OP’s “next-generation fraud proof system, Canno”. Secondly, an additional step has been introduced in the withdrawal process where the corresponding Merkle proof must be submitted within 7 days before the withdrawal is completed.

Reference: https://twitter.com/jason_chen998/status/1663587795385061376

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