The L2 supremacy battle between Arbitrum and Optimism continues. Who has won the war according to data analysis?

Arbitrum and Optimism are two major rollups on Ethereum, inheriting the security of Ethereum and providing faster and cheaper transactions than the mainnet. Which one performs better? dLux, the founder of DegenScoop, compared the on-chain data between the two, covering TVL, transaction costs, transaction volume, active user count, and revenue. The conclusion was that Arbitrum outperformed Optimism in almost all metrics.

Comparing data, Arbitrum TVL is about 2.5 times that of Optimism. L2 solutions (such as rollups) provide much cheaper transaction costs compared to the mainnet. Sending ETH on Arbitrum costs half of that on Optimism, while the cost of token exchange is roughly the same. For most of 2023, the usage of Arbitrum has surpassed Optimism, except for a brief extension in the winter. Since March, Arbitrum has consistently had more transactions than the mainnet.

Until early 2023, on-chain users remain relatively unchanged. Today, the active users on Arbitrum are almost three times that of Optimism’s users. Chain revenue was similar for both until March 23, but since the $ARB airdrop day, Arbitrum has surpassed and maintained its lead. At the same time, the integration of Reddit into Arbitrum Nova has brought numerous users to Web3, with about 55 million daily and 860 million monthly Reddit users.


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