Organizing On-Chain Activity Data for Polygon zkEVM

Polygon zkEVM has experienced a significant increase in TVL, growing from $1.5 million to $14 million in a short period of time. However, this is not the only thing happening on Polygon zkEVM. Cryptocurrency KOL DeFi Scholar has compiled some prominent on-chain activity data for Polygon zkEVM.

1) TVL breakdown: Despite the significant growth of TVL on Polygon zkEVM, 85.9% of it is centered around Quickswap. Further research shows that 85.9% of that TVL represents liquidity locked in only Quickswap V3 pools ($8.4 million) and recent launch of quick perps ($2.3 million).

2) Daily transactions: This includes every transaction completed on Polygon zkEVM. After a brief consolidation from March 30th to May 10th, this index has been continuously rising.

3) Unique addresses: This calculates the number of newcomers interested in the blockchain. However, as one user can have multiple wallets, they can also be counted as unique addresses. From 25 unique addresses in March to 73,000 unique addresses as of this month, Polygon zkEVM has seen a significant increase.

4) Daily active addresses: This is the number of addresses sending on-chain transactions on Polygon zkEVM. Although recent statistics have shown an increase, the number of active addresses is still lower than the peak in April.

5) Active developers: The overall developer blockchain submissions have been spiraling down every week.

6) Income and fees: Polygon zkEVM ranks third in gas fees paid for Layer 2 payments, surpassing Arbitrum and ZkSync, resulting in an increase in on-chain income. Within the protocols built on Polygon zkEVM, Quickswap charges the highest 30-day fee.


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