Inventory of 5 candidate EIP proposals for Cancun upgrade: What is the significance?

The Ethereum core developer meeting has announced the final five candidate EIP proposals for the “CanCan upgrade”, which are EIP-2537, EIP-4788, EIP-5656, EIP-5920, and EIP-7069. KiwiCryptoBig, a core contributor of the Peking University Blockchain Association, analyzed the main contents of the five EIP proposals and their significance for the Ethereum ecosystem.

EIP-2537: Precompile for BLS12-381 curve operations. In the past, the beacon chain heavily relied on BLS12-381, and with the completion of the merge, BLS has become a “core” dependency of Ethereum, with a secure and optimized library. Introducing this precompile will allow beacon chain signatures to be validated at the execution layer, as well as the development of new use cases that utilize this curve.

EIP-4788: Adds a beacon block root in the EVM, which is a code modification proposal that proposes to modify the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to enable the publicizing of the Contract Layer (CL) state root in the Execution Layer (EL) data; this can make communication between different protocols and applications in the Ethereum network more efficient and secure.

EIP-5656: Provides EVM instructions for efficiently copying memory regions, supporting more precise copying of code, improving the performance of memory copies by about 10.5%, and is useful for various computationally intensive operations; it is also useful for compilers to generate more efficient and smaller bytecode; it can also save some gas fees for identity pre-compilation.

EIP-5920: Payment opcode. Introduces the new opcode BlockingY_OPCODE, where BlockingY is used for Ethereum transfers and can send Ether to an address without invoking any of its functions; this can save gas.

EIP-7069: Introduces three new call instructions CALL2, DELEGATECALL2, and STATICCALL2, which modify the CALL instruction to remove gas limitations and simplify semantics. This is significant for the more convenient operation of large contracts and paving the way for the introduction of EOF.

These 5 EIPs mainly revolve around reducing gas, communication security, and developer experience, and ultimately should be evaluated based on the amount of development to determine if they can be selected.


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