Tokenized Government Bond Industry Research Report

Researcher Jack Chong from has released a research report on tokenized national debt, introducing asset allocators to how different products operate in terms of legal, financial, and technical aspects.

Most of the public’s attention is focused on the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, and few people know that the underlying technology of blockchain is now being used to custody, trade, and settle U.S. government bonds worth more than $600 million. There are more than 10 companies in this field, which can be divided into two categories: 1) active management, where companies appoint portfolio managers to actively manage asset portfolios of asset management products; and 2) Reledgered, which represents or aims to reflect off-chain financial instruments (such as publicly listed ETFs) of asset management products.

This report introduces each company’s background, funding, target market, traction, and other aspects, and conducts in-depth analysis on how each company complies with different legal structures, targets specific user groups, and obtains different degrees of market traction. All products are also discussed based on the principles of capital protection, maximum return, and convenience, in order to evaluate whether different products are suitable for certain investors.

Report full download address:


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