Magic Eden “Chapter 2”: Trading Aggregation, Composability, Transaction Rewards…

On May 25th, Magic Eden, a leading multi-chain NFT marketplace on Solana, announced the launch of its “Chapter 2” plan, further opening up its platform. Cryptocurrency researcher JYP tweeted about its main updates.

One major change is the aggregation of competitor markets, meaning traders can manage their inventory across platforms and view prices and listings for the entire Solana NFT market in one place.

Magic Eden plans to soon open source its market smart contract, a big step towards increasing cross-platform transparency and composability. Additionally, Magic Eden is removing features that prevent its listings from being easily aggregated by other NFT markets.

Magic Eden will temporarily adjust the “maker fee” for certain trades to -0.25% to incentivize buying and selling of NFTs. Assuming an NFT is listed at a price of 100 SOL, if it is sold, the seller can receive 100.25 SOL. Fees can also be earned by operating an automated market maker (AMM) NFT trading pool on Magic Eden.


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