Viewpoint: NFTs seem to be making a comeback

Recently, there has been a significant drop in prices of well-known NFT projects. However, there have been some positive signs lately, and it seems that NFTs are making a comeback. Crypto KOL Kouk.eth believes that many phenomena indicate that the NFT market is starting to recover.

Some key points: Pudgy Toys successfully launched; Oopens achieved ATH sales; Bitcoin NFTs are on the rise; unique daily traders rebounded; Blur’s massive sell-off did not cause a market crash. In my opinion, it’s quite optimistic.

What I really like to see is how Blur’s impact on the NFT market is starting to decline, or at least recent events suggest this. It’s great to see that the impact of massive sell-offs on the market is not as significant as previous ones. Another good thing is that 12 out of the top 20 series ended the week with gains. I think people are starting to buy NFTs because they really want them, which signals a healthier NFT ecosystem.


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