Inventory of 10 emerging projects with powerful catalysts: Vela Exchange, Florence, Chronos…

Cryptocurrency KOL Viktor DeFi has introduced 10 emerging projects that he thinks have the most potential.

1) Vela Exchange has exceeded $4 billion in trading volume during its testing phase, leading the new era of perpetual trading. The platform’s exciting innovations and team transparency left a particularly deep impression on me. 2) Florence is a Euro-denominated RWA protocol that enables users to earn sustainable returns by providing funding for real-world loans. Their alpha testing is currently underway, with testers receiving NFT rewards (accompanied by token rewards).

3) Chronos is innovating the ve (3,3) model to advance sustainable liquidity supply for DeFi protocols, creating value for users and the ecosystem. They are currently the second largest DEX on TVL on Arbitrum. 4) JustBet is an on-chain betting protocol that recently reached a milestone for the largest web3 funds, staking approximately $4.4 million.

5) Kromatika is a MetaDEX aggregator known for its unique FELO and Gasless trading features. Recently deployed on Optimism, it is considered one of the top DeFi projects with TVL in the past 7 days. 6) Factor is an innovative middleware layer connecting DeFi protocols. The recently launched Factor v2 has enhanced features to generate and manage financial instruments.

7) Gearbox is a composable leverage protocol that allows lenders to earn low-risk sustainable APY and enables borrowers to farm with 10x leverage. The latest V3 with enhanced features has also been released. 8) Sturdy Finance is a stablecoin and ETH lending protocol based on Ethereum and Fantom. Prior to launching the STURDY token, they were the “largest” non-tokenized protocol on Ethereum.


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