Overview of the latest cohort of selected projects for Outlier Ventures’ DeFi Base Camp accelerator


On May 22, 2023, the DeFi Base Camp accelerator launched by Outlier Ventures in collaboration with NewOrderDAO announced the latest eight projects selected, including Swipelux, Event Horizon, Helix, QiProtocol, 31Third, SYNTHR, Coaction, and Rampnalysis.

Outlier Ventures stated that the latest DeFi Base Camp accelerator mainly focuses on:

Here is a quick overview of the eight selected projects:


US project Website: https://swipelux.com/

Swipelux easily introduces users to various metaverses, gaming platforms, and other dApps using traditional payment methods. Swipelux is far superior to current product use solutions, allowing users to easily share identity information while ensuring that companies always comply with KYC/AML regulations.

Event Horizon

US project Website: http://hvax.org/

Event Horizon solves the problem of low DAO token participation. To do this, Event Horizon first attracts DAO token deposits to its yield farm and pays returns in the form of HVAX (Event Horizon’s native token), which is similar to an index fund asset. Then, HVAX holders can mobilize the tokens of yield farmers, who can vote on external DAO proposals, providing massive voting multiples for HVAX voters.


Singapore project Website: https://helix.helilabs.io/

Due to the highly correlated nature of underlying crypto asset prices and the nested nature of DeFi yields, cryptocurrency holders cannot obtain stable and sustainable returns. The lack of a robust credit risk assessment framework further leads to higher default rates and credit losses. Regulatory and compliance risks are also prominent, especially when retail investors participate in DeFi protocols.

Helix addresses these challenges by providing institutional-grade financial agreements. It offers compliant and risk-managed private credit opportunities from the real world to institutional and accredited crypto investors. Through these carefully planned investment opportunities, Helix increases the portfolio yield for crypto investors while providing a scalable global capital access for real-world borrowers.


American project

The vision is to imagine Ethereum as a “world computer” where transactions are as seamless as tweeting. Imagine manageable Gas fees, fair MEV distribution, and automatic liquidity source selection—all handled by execution agents. Our efforts are to align user intent with complex network participants, optimize the user experience for all EVM chains, and coordinate with account abstraction.


Dutch project Website: https://31third.com/

DeFi is not ready to be adopted by institutions. The lack of efficient on-chain asset management infrastructure and decentralized app product suites are too limited for institutional use cases. As a result, DeFi misses out on $2 trillion in trading volume annually.

31Third addresses this challenge by establishing a blockchain-native bulk brokerage business that covers the entire digital asset investment lifecycle for institutions. It combines risk analysis, portfolio management, trading, and operations on one platform, making the entire investment process clear, efficient, and low-cost.

The team comes from hedge funds and blockchain fields and is supported by Outlier Ventures, New Order, 0x Protocol, Techstars, and ABN AMRO.


Indian project Website: https://www.synthr.io/

SYNTHR redefines cross-chain instant and slippage-free asset movement with the users and protocols accessing full-chain synchronized liquidity supported by LayerZero, giving rise to new use cases such as:

  • Enabling users to mint and trade highly performant and interoperable synthetic assets without slippage.

  • Enabling DEX aggregators to execute low-slippage cross-chain atomic swaps without locking funds in vulnerable bridging contracts.

  • Providing capital-efficient full-chain liquidity for L1s, L2s, and applications.


US project Website: https://coaction.network/

Coaction is addressing the growing centralization problem in proof-of-stake validator ecosystems with a protocol that benefits small validators and delegators. The protocol incentivizes delegators to support small validators competing with large operators, providing delegators with higher staking rewards and opportunities to participate in validator ecosystem development. As the Coaction protocol is adopted, a market featuring different validators using the protocol will emerge, providing stakers with more choices and decentralization. Ultimately, the Coaction protocol aims to narrow the gap between top validators and everyone else in the field, creating a fairer validator ecosystem.


UAE/UK project Website: https://rampnalysis.com/

Despite there being over 20,000 tokens across various applications from DeFi to gaming, only 200 are available on major fiat on-ramps. The crypto industry struggles to get users into the tokens they love quickly and lacks specific use case on/off-ramps for gaming, trading, or payroll.

Rampnalysis is developing unique solutions such as cross-chain fiat on-ramp, fiat to smart contract functionality, fiat to NFT support for microtransactions, customizable widgets and white label APIs, and specific use case off-ramps. These solutions provide cross-platform seamless crypto access and usage, significantly enhancing the crypto user experience.

According to Outlier Ventures’ website, Outlier Ventures partnered with New Order to launch the DeFi Base Camp accelerator specifically for certain areas of Web3 in January 2022. At that time, Outlier Ventures stated that it will launch 30-40 DeFi startups within the next two years.

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