Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million and 45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours

On December 14, “the world’s top player” and former US President Trump released a 10s video on Twitter. At the beginning of the video, Trump claimed: “America needs a superhero”, then the screen turned, and he stood in front of Trump Tower and made a superman-like action-ripping his suit and shirt with both hands, revealing his prints. There is a red tights with the letter “T” representing Trump, and the eyes also shoot lasers. The video ends with a black background with the words “Major announcement to be made on Thursday, December 15th”.

Trump NFTs

45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours, and Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million, but it attracted doubts

45,000 NFTs were sold out in 18 hours, holders may meet with Trump

Trump’s lack of clarity on what “big news” means has fueled public speculation, with some commentators anticipating that he might nominate a running mate for his presidential bid. Unexpectedly, Trump, who had made it clear earlier that he “dislikes” cryptocurrencies and said that cryptocurrencies are “not currency”, this preview turned out to be a warm-up for his first NFT series. The NFT series is called Trump Digital Trading Cards, with a total of 45,000 NFTs. It displays various images of “Knowing King” Trump in a style similar to collecting baseball cards. He is dressed in costumes of different professions or classic characters, including super Heroes, astronauts and racers, etc. These NFTs, all minted on Polygon, cost $99 and can be purchased with ETH or fiat currency.

“These limited edition cards feature amazing art from my life and career!” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “Collect all your favorite Trump digital trading cards, very much like baseball cards but hopefully more exciting…only $99 each! These would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t wait, they’ll be gone Yes, I believe, very soon!” After Twitter unblocked and soared to 80 million fans within 24 hours, Trump made MAGA (the abbreviation of Trump’s iconic slogan “Make America Great Again”) true in the encrypted world. The way fans consume real money once again demonstrates his strong personal appeal. 45,000 NFTs were wiped out in nearly 18 hours, the number of casting addresses reached 12,874, and the total sales amounted to about 4.356 million US dollars, and it ranked first on the OpenSea trend list without any suspense. As of 19:00 on December 16, 6% of the NFTs in this series have been listed on OpenSea, and the number of holders has increased to 14,194. The floor price is 0.0935ETH, which is about 114 US dollars.

Trump Digital Trading Cards

45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours, and Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million, but it attracted doubts

According to the official website of the project, Collect Trump Cards, the NFT is randomly generated and sent, and users need to check their wallets after purchase to know which card they received. In terms of rarity, the project party said that each NFT will have a unique pre-allocated rarity, some are unique, some are limited to 2, 5, 7 or 10 copies, and each NFT has no more than 20 identical copies. In addition to collecting small pictures, every purchase of an NFT will also give you a chance to draw a lottery. Some prizes include signed souvenirs, playing a golf game with Trump at Trump’s golf course, participating in Trump’s dinner party, winning Opportunities for a meet and greet event with Trump.

In addition, the project party also provided a “VIP krypton channel” to meet Trump: a one-time purchase of 45 NFTs for about $4,455 will guarantee you a ticket to a dinner party with Trump in South Florida , and correspondingly there are 45 lucky draw opportunities. According to data from Dune, a total of 255 people have minted at least 45 NFTs.

There are also reminders on the website in many places: “Trump Digital Trading Cards (NFT) are intended as collectibles for personal enjoyment only, and are not suitable for investment tools.” However, this series of NFTs does not prohibit secondary transactions, allowing users and holding or trade or sell on any secondary market. And for each secondary sale, the creator will receive a royalty income of 10% of the sale price.

Claiming to have nothing to do with politics is still inevitably ridiculed by the crowd

NFT INT, the company behind the series, clearly states on its website that the funds raised will not be used for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, saying that “these digital trading cards are not political and are not associated with any political campaign.”

In fact, NFT INT is not owned by Trump or any of his organizations, he just licensed his name, image and likeness for the project. However, even if the funds raised by NFT INT do not directly fund Trump’s 2024 campaign, it is still possible for Trump to receive financial support through the licensed name and likeness, which will eventually be used in the presidential campaign.

45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours, and Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million, but it attracted doubts

However, Trump’s behavior of selling goods has been widely criticized by public opinion. Some people called it a scam and said that even judging by NFT standards, these small pictures are very ugly. Even many people in the MAGA group representing his loyal fans expressed dissatisfaction, thinking that this will become a dark moment. Some supporters complained: “Shouldn’t we be running for president now? How is it helpful to blackmail our supporters for $99?” Steve Bannon, chief strategist during the Trump administration, said on his podcast, “He can’t do this anymore,” and claimed that anyone involved in the project should be fired immediately, and multiple prominent Trump supporters have also expressed similar views to Bannon.

People who have always been opposed to Trump launched strong criticism. Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, expressed contempt for the NFT series, tweeting: “Dear MAGAs: Hope it’s clear to you now that Trump doesn’t respect you and thinks you’re a fool.”

It is worth mentioning that the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, also mocked this very much. He followed Trump’s propaganda notice and tweeted that he had also made some major announcements in the past few weeks, and listed A total of five measures including easing inflation and signing the Protection of Marriage Act.

45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours, and Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million, but it attracted doubts

All in all, Trump, who once abandoned cryptocurrencies like nothing, has not been able to escape the “law of true fragrance” now. He made money unambiguously, and even promoted his “first experience” of NFT with great fanfare. Even if this NFT looks a bit crude to people in the encryption industry, the code format is also poor. However, in the current market environment, this sales volume is already very impressive.

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