How do decentralized order book services different Rollups?

Author: Grace Deng; Translation: Lynn, MarsBit

Are you curious about the current state of decentralization of sorters and how they cater to different types of rollups? In this topic, I will provide a clear and concise introduction to this topic. Keep reading.

Modularity = more customization, and this also applies to the decentralization of sorters. Here are five tools that you can find in the sorter decentralization toolbox:

  • Single sorter with POA

  • Based Rollup

  • DVT x Sorter

  • Shared Sorter

  • Bootstrap a new sorter group

Single sorter with POA

  • A single or group of authorized sorters operated by the rollup company

  • Pros: Lowest latency, no extra action needed.

  • Cons: Single point of failure.

  • Potential customers: High-performance rollups like Nova (games, social chains) or enterprise rollups like Base.

  • Service providers: e.g. @OffchainLabs, @OPLabsPBC

Based Rollup

  • Anyone can submit an L2 batch to the DA layer (builder), and the DA layer decides the final block (proposer).

  • Pros: Inherits validity and CR from the DA layer.

  • Cons: Leaks revenue and MEV, slow confirmation.

  • Potential customers: @ultrasoundmoney’s rollup

DVT x Sorter

  • A new solution proposed by @DougieDeLuca. The sorting responsibility of a single sorter is assigned to a cluster. Each node in the DV cluster signs independent proofs with a portion of their validator key.

  • Pros: Can be inserted into other solutions to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Cons: Adds a little latency.

  • Potential customers: Transitional solutions for centralized rollups or financial barriers for decentralized rollups.

  • Service providers: @ObolNetwork

Shared Sorters

  • Sorters as a service, batch processing several rollup txs and proposing them to the DA layer.

  • Advantages: network effects of cross-domain atomicity.

  • Disadvantages: requires a super builder and difficult to fairly distribute MEV. By the way, highly recommend @0xRainandCoffee’s content on SS.

Wrote a long article about how shared sorters work internally, why they are important, and how they will shape the future of the entire rollup;

Potential customers: those who don’t want to launch their own sorter group but want more vitality and interoperability with other sorters for rollups.

Service providers: @AstriaOrg, @EspressoSys, @radius_xyz.

Bootstrapping a New Sorter Set

  • Create a decentralized sorter group without permission using a token incentive mechanism.

  • Choose a sorter from a POS round-robin selection scheme or a sorter auction.

  • Advantages: increase the utility of tokens and get the maximum value of rollup.

  • Disadvantages: delay, difficult to implement for less well-known rollups.

  • Potential customers: provide long-term solutions for well-known rollups; Zk-rollup needs to bootstrap a group of provers, such as @aztecnetwork.

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