BlockingraFi and two other major encrypted VC jointly sued the founder of Curve for “fraud” and manipulation of trade secrets

According to DL News, BlockingraFi, Framework Ventures, and 1kx have filed a lawsuit alleging that Curve founder Michael Egorov was involved in “business fraud” that resulted in their financial losses. In the lawsuit, these VCs claim that Egorov has sold millions of dollars worth of CRV tokens that belong to them, they did not receive the promised Swiss Stake equity, their nearly $1 million funds were not returned, and they never received the CRV worth tens of millions of dollars they were entitled to. They also claim that they lost business opportunities to invest in Curve’s competitors as a result.

VC firms BlockingraFi, Framework Ventures, and 1kx have accused Curve founder Michael Egorov of business fraud. It has been revealed that Curve, which had previously been supported by these VC firms behind closed doors, had received a $1 million investment through Swiss Stake GmbH, a Swiss operating entity. The three VC firms now claim they have not received any commercial returns.


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