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Why must we pay attention to the decentralized world? These four reasons are sufficient.

Some people believe that in the next bull market, Autonomous World (AW) will be the tipping point. I agree with this assessment and will…

Shima Capital CTO’s Reflection on Curve Why We Need Runtime Protection and Aspect

In Web3, DeFi applications require the same high reliability as Web2 software.

Analysis of 6 projects that have recently experienced a counter-trend rally Can this speculative frenzy in the blockchain sector continue into a bull market?

Belonging to the ongoing 'on-chain speculation' in the summer, will this wave of enthusiasm remain strong, lasting, and extend into the bull market?

The Demise of Saddle Finance From a Strong Competitor to Liquidation and Shutdown of Operations

The investments from top VC firms and strong airdrop expectations brought a high starting point for Saddle Finance, but it was subsequently attacked by…

Curve storm comes to an end, let’s dig into the funding trends of key interest groups.

How much money was stolen, how much has been returned, how many coins did Egorov sell, and what is the latest debt size.

Curve turbulence puts a comma on it. What is the impact on its own and the development of the industry?

Curve has suffered losses of user funds due to a vulnerability in the Vyper compiler, but Curve is still indispensable in the DeFi ecosystem.…

Grayscale interprets the July cryptocurrency market the proportion of altcoin market capitalization increases, and the future trend of the overall market depends on the US economy.

If the US economy can achieve a soft landing, the rebound in the cryptocurrency market can continue. However, if the economy falls into trouble…

Curve Finance founder is attempting to sell a portion of DeFi positions with nearly $90 million in loans still outstanding.

Michael Egorov is trying to repay his overwhelming DeFi debt by selling CRV at a discount.

Analyzing the newly established $crvUSD/ $fFRAX pool by Curve in this crisis What is its role?

Curve has established a new $crvUSD/$fFRAX pool during this crisis, with the aim of reducing the utilization rate (UR) of CRV/FRAX loans and the…

Bankless Analysis of the Spread Risk of Curve Attack Incident

Kate, Marsbit Note This article is from @BanklessHQ on Twitter, which is B...

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