Beacon Layer Interpretation: An intermediate layer for Ethereum Enshrined Rollup

AltLayer has analyzed and interpreted the AltLayer beacon chain architecture and services. The beacon chain, as an intermediate layer, provides critical services such as shared sorting, verification, staking, and interoperability.

For a typical RaaS offering, you can use an SDK or dashboard to launch a Rollup, such as using Ethereum as the data availability layer. However, AltLayer’s RaaS network architecture is slightly different, with the beacon layer as an intermediate layer between the execution layer and the data availability layer, and all Rollups instantiated through AltLayer are enshrined in the beacon layer. Enshrined means that the status of any Rollup launched through AltLayer can be directly verified by the beacon layer.

As an intermediate layer between the execution and data availability stacks, the beacon layer provides the following main services: 1) a shared ordering layer: when end users request a Rollup through AltLayer’s RaaS platform, they specify the minimum and maximum number of sorters required to operate the Rollup, as well as the minimum economic guarantee amount and the list of tokens that can be used for guarantee for each sorter; 2) a validation layer: since the beacon layer knows all Rollups and their respective state transition functions, it has the ability to fully verify newly submitted Rollup states;

3) a pledging layer: the beacon layer has a pledging mechanism that requires each network participant to deposit sufficient economic guarantee amounts to prevent being punished with slash when malicious behavior is detected and can be proven; 4) an interoperability layer: AltLayer can use the beacon chain as a bridging center to coordinate interactions between all Rollups; 5) an upgradability layer: the beacon layer serves as a social layer for upgrading all the Rollups it contains; 6) a social consensus layer: beacon layer nodes can run on-chain governance mechanisms to approve upgrades to Rollup logic, enabling them to act on behalf of the community to upgrade any cross-chain bridging contracts on the beacon layer or DA layer.


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