New Project Preview | Decentralized Lending and Stablecoin Project Raft with stETH Support

People are looking for more decentralized stablecoins, and the stablecoin project Raft has joined the LSDFi war as a new competitor. Cryptocurrency KOL Max Long introduced this project from the perspectives of principles, advantages, and more.

Raft is a decentralized lending platform and stablecoin supported by stETH, offering leverage with no fees. Users can borrow by using their stETH as collateral. The unique aspect of R is that it is the first fully ETH-backed stablecoin with a low threshold platform that has deep liquidity in many trading pairs. While other platforms require collateral of 150% to 200%, Raft only requires 110%, meaning you can potentially get over 10x leverage.

R can be burned in three ways: 1) repayment, where borrowers pay back the tokens they borrowed and receive wstETH; 2) redemption, where token holders exchange wth for a reward; and 3) liquidation, where liquidators pay off the borrower’s debt and receive the collateral wth plus the liquidation reward.


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