Can a spark start a prairie fire? Analyzing the value proposition and market expectations of $ETHS.

Encrypt KOL AL.D | ⭕️rdinals introduces Ethscriptions and eths from an objective perspective, analyzes the various benefits of eths from market behavior, and analyzes the price expectations of eths.

Ethscriptions is not an ERC20 token, unlike the tokens we usually buy on ETH. Ethscriptions is a series of inscriptions built on ETH. Currently, there are several information points to consider: 1) Ethscriptions have great future playability, with a large space for development; 2) the gas fees are relatively low compared to other options, with a focus on the current popular L2 track; 3) more decentralized selling points have been added to the original ETH selling points; 4) the founder is reliable, with a successful case to back it up; 5) the estimated value is close to surpassing BTC. Among all the expected prospects, the most important thing is traffic. Ethscriptions’ high playability may generate innovation in gamefi or NFT traffic.

The appearance of Ethscriptions is likely to bring new traffic to the ETH ecosystem, and there are currently no apparent risks. Therefore, we need to look at its subsequent technology landing nodes (market, splitting, and projects based on Ethscriptions with high playability), and whether capital will favor this story line. Ethscriptions’ unique feature is its decentralized inscription series, which is an inherent selling point. It is easy to imagine V God’s interest in Ethscriptions in the future based on his comments on BRC20 (this is a highly probable uncertainty).

Ethscriptions’ low transaction fees are similar to L2, and the launch of L2 will be a good traffic tilt point. At the current stage, other L2 products have been perfected, and Ethscriptions is just starting out and does not have an advantage. However, Ethscriptions is like a blank piece of paper at this time. With the favor of capital, imagination, and ETH’s technical advantages, it can become the beginning of a new track.

Price expectations for Eths: Personally, I believe that Eths’ prices will respond strongly in three stages: market opening, the appearance of unscrupulous bosses, and the support of exchanges. As a pioneer, ordi will naturally become the market value reference for everyone. I believe that the total market value of ordi at the current stage can be used as the first target for Eths’ future expectations (this is not a suggestion). Under the expectations of large-stage prices, any event that occurs will be a small stage to lock in profits and a chance to make smart money. A 35x increase from 7u/0.2u is an audacious thought, right? I think that achieving this value is only a matter of time in an ideal situation.


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