Vitalik: If Bitcoin wants to continue to develop, it needs to test more scaling solutions.

According to Decrypt, Vitalik Buterin said on Twitter this week, “I think if we want Bitcoin to be more than just payments, it needs more scaling solutions.” He stated that Bitcoin needs scaling solutions such as Plasma or ZK Rollups, both of which have been tried on Ethereum. He said that Optimism and Arbitrum are two successful examples of rollups that can serve as case studies for Bitcoin, and added that “keeping an open mind” about ZK-snark-based solutions is a good thing. Buterin also believes that Ordinals bring a “return to builder culture” and tries to find commonalities in the ecosystems of the two chains, pointing out the immutability of both chains, as well as the fact that they both have L1 privacy issues. Buterin also mentioned how difficult it is to work in a decentralized consensus model, which is demonstrated in both Ethereum and Bitcoin.


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