7 metrics that prove why Polygon’s value is underestimated

Is the 68% gap between MATIC’s price and ATH a signal to continue falling or a good buying opportunity? Crypto researcher Finish uses 7 simple data indicators to conclude that Polygon has advantages such as a growing community and active users, and with the arrival of the ZK craze, Polygon has enormous potential.

1. Polygon’s daily active user count has just surpassed 400,000, surpassing Solana and Ethereum, and is also the third largest blockchain in terms of usage after Tron and BNB chains; 2. Despite low gas fees, Polygon’s revenue still exceeds ETH, making it one of the most profitable blockchains.

3. Social Volume is another important indicator of community size. Polygon has gained some traction in recent months, and community activity indicators have reached recent highs; 4. Since the 2021 ATH, Polygo TVL has dropped by 10 times, but it has remained at $1 billion for the past year.

5. Users have not left, and platforms like Curve Finance and Convex Finance are attracting more storage funds; 6. One of the most powerful NFT communities, y00ts, has migrated to Polygon; 7. The number of depositors is steadily increasing, and Polygon zkEVM is steadily launching. When ZK hotspots emerge, Polygon will take off.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xFinish/status/1662496952955834368

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