Quick view of the current development status of DePIN ecological infrastructure

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) is a narrative that is causing market attention by incentivizing the deployment of hardware-based networks and IRL tasks through token rewards. Messari researcher Sami Kassab has studied the infrastructure development status and representative projects of the DePIN project.

Solana has become the preferred choice for DePIN due to its advantages such as high throughput, low fees, and a large developer community. Projects like Helium and Render Network have already migrated to Solana due to its state compression, cost reduction, and low storage requirements. Polygon, which is EVM compatible, is also favored by the DePIN project as it also has high throughput and low fees.

To address scalability challenges and customization needs, specific application platforms have emerged. Application chains in platforms like Cosmos and Polkadot allow for decentralized use on dedicated chains. Specific application Rollup services, such as Eclipse, also offer customized solutions.

Some DePIN-specific platforms have also introduced hardware-based networks. peaq aims to be a hub within the Polkadot ecosystem, offering a machine-centric design and innovative token economic model. Iotex focuses on the Internet of Things and machine economy, offering a complete DePIN solution. Althea Network focuses on decentralized telecom and infrastructure ownership.

Reference: https://twitter.com/MessariCrypto/status/1663189969211654144

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