Profit has exceeded 100 times: A quick look at a whale’s trading strategy and holdings

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Is the whale with the address “0x7431931094e8bae1ecaa7d0b57d2284e121f760e” the most profitable whale in history? This whale has realized profits of over 100 times in transaction after transaction. Is it just luck? It doesn’t seem like it. Every win and loss is being perfectly managed.

The whale’s trading record is very impressive. What sets this whale apart from most other whale players is that almost all trades are realized profits. There are many whales in the market, but not all of them are good traders.

The rich can enrich their crypto investment portfolio by recharging, showing high balances, but it doesn’t stop them from being bad traders. People expect them to be Alpha, but the results are a mess. But not this whale. Even crazier, this whale was just an average trader at the start of the year.

An average and average portfolio turned into a whale, this is the wallet type that ordinary traders need to track. Whales become whales through their own performance, not pre-existing sources of income. This kind of whale is the real Alpha.

Just this week, the whale bought RFD worth $35,000, and 4 days later, he had made about $400,000 from it. Most whales tend to hold positions, but not this one. He makes sure that most trades are secured, sells them near the highs, and moves on to the next round of trading.

PEPE’s success has brought many whales to the surface, and this whale is no exception. Last month, the whale bought PEPE worth $8,000. Soon, the whale sold almost all of it near the top of the price, making six-figure profits. Everything is realized profit.

Looking at the next round of trading, this whale bought WOJAK tokens worth $10,000 last month. In most cases, this purchase doesn’t look like anything crazy. But he made a six-figure profit from it.

Of course, there are also losses, but the whale is well aware of and manages his losses. He doesn’t stubbornly hold onto positions, he stops losses in time, accepts losses and continues with new trades. In addition, even if there is a loss, it’s usually only a loss of a few thousand dollars. The RIBBIT token is the whale’s biggest loss, but it’s only about $12,000. But the single transaction income is over six figures, which has already covered the loss.

The following figure is the whale’s investment portfolio, most of which were completed in early trading. The current investment portfolio is much smaller than a few days ago, as the whale has extracted almost all profits from the wallet, but when new trades are made, new profits will be made.

Therefore, tracking the next trading will be interesting. Tracking whales may provide ordinary traders with the internal information they need without the need for some analysis tools or knowledge.

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