Virtual avatar is the canvas of digital assets, but NFTs are optional.

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Ready Player Me for Everyone

Ready Player Me (RPM) is for everyone. RPM aims to establish an avatar platform that can be used by everyone in the metaverse, and create RPM avatars that are always free. RPM will never become an expensive, exclusive community accessible only to a few.

For RPM users, the use of NFTs will be optional, and no RPM partners or end users will be forced to use NFTs. For those who choose not to use NFTs, RPM will also provide other types of virtual goods and methods to create stunning and unique avatars.

Why is Ready Player Me doing this?

We believe that NFTs can help the Ready Player Me community.

1. We help developers profit.

A significant portion of the revenue generated by NFTs will be allocated to applications and games that use Ready Player Me avatars, based on the usage scenarios of the assets. Companies that use RPM will be rewarded for allowing NFTs into their worlds. This helps our partners achieve profitability and supports the building of a more open and interconnected metaverse.

Supporting NFTs is the choice of developers; some games and applications will support them, while others will not. We will also provide tools for developers to sell “traditional” in-game assets and skins in their products.

2. We help NFT creators make their virtual assets available in the metaverse.

For creators of digital assets related to avatars, one of the biggest challenges is making your assets usable in the virtual world. RPM allows creators to access hundreds of virtual worlds through our interoperable avatars. More creators are making clothing for RPM avatars, which means everyone’s digital assets will be more diverse and of higher quality.

3. This could be a good way for our company to profit.

This ensures that we can always provide Ready Player Me for free to developers. We believe avatars are a key part of the metaverse, and every developer should have access to a great avatar system for free.

What will we do?

Ready Player Me Self-Planned Drops: Our team will internally create/plan Drops, sometimes in collaboration with artists or brands. The goal of these Drops is to build high-quality assets and try out new concepts, like RPM Punks.

Ready Player Me Partner Drops: We will collaborate with creators to make their assets truly useful in the metaverse. The value of virtual character assets that cannot be worn in the metaverse is limited. We will receive a share of the income from the virtual image economy and share 50% of the profits with games and applications that use RPM in their products. We can deliver NFT assets to non-blockchain games without developers having to do any extra work. This allows us to introduce the benefits of Web3 to new developers. An example of a partner Drop is deadmau5’s Head5.

Ready Player Me Airdrop: Providing free airdrops to our early community. This helps us reward our early supporters.

Avatars are the canvas of digital assets

Avatars are the canvas of digital assets. The assets themselves can be accessories, clothing, skins, or complete avatars. We are excited to see what new ideas people come up with!

Ready Player Me is not a digital fashion brand. We are building infrastructure to provide an excellent avatar system for developers, a portable avatar system for end users, and a way for digital fashion brands to make their assets available in the metaverse. We will also develop some products ourselves, but our main goal is to support other companies and projects built on our platform.

We do not intend to build our own NFT marketplace. We are willing to integrate any existing marketplace with RPM.

Why are we doing this?

We launched Ready Player Me with some core assumptions about the direction of the world:

  • In the future, people will spend more and more time in virtual worlds represented by avatars. This means that the visual representation of our avatars is crucial and will become an increasingly important part of our lives over time.

  • The metaverse is not a single application. It is a network of thousands of virtual worlds. Creating a new avatar for each world is futile, requiring a portable avatar that can traverse all virtual worlds.

  • As avatars become an increasingly important part of our daily lives, the avatar economy is also growing. Increasing the portability of digital assets will make them more valuable than the predominantly closed game economies of today. Would you spend money on a skin that only works in one game or in a thousand games? For creators, this is a significant opportunity to participate in the virtual image market and make a living from it.

Initially, we envisioned a creator-driven avatar economy that looked similar to traditional skin and virtual goods markets in games like Roblox. When NFTs exploded in 2021, we were curious. We actively participated in the market to understand how it could help us achieve our mission.

The promise of NFTs is ownership and interoperability. This aligns very well with our vision of how the metaverse should develop. It is meaningful for people in the metaverse to own a part of the world they inhabit. Whether through NFTs or other means, we believe this.

NFTs are still a very new thing, and there are many issues with their current implementation, such as speculation, high gas fees, environmental impact, rug pulls, etc. We believe that as the market and technology mature, most of these issues will be resolved.

We also believe that we can mitigate most of the drawbacks in our own way. This includes offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions from our NFT airdrops and using more environmentally friendly blockchains.


Ready Player Me is for everyone, and we will not force any partners or end users to use NFTs. NFTs are optional for those who are interested in trying Ready Player Me.

We believe that digital ownership of assets is an important component in building a more open and interconnected metaverse. There are many ways to help us create better communities and better products for each participant.

We are excited to embark on this journey of learning and building together with everyone. It’s a crazy adventure, and it’s only going to get crazier.

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