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Recently, the biggest hot topic in the industry is still the decentralized social platform On-chain analyst Spot on Chain said that the project generated 2953 ETH (about $5 million) in transaction fee revenue in just 11 days. The total value of user shares currently reaches 4435 ETH (about $7.4 million). However, also has some issues, such as data leakage through APIs and users being able to buy and sell shares from the contract without an invitation code.

Currently, the frenzy of continues, with various KOLs either praising or criticizing it, making it quite lively. Odaily Star Daily has previously provided a detailed introduction to its positioning, gameplay, and pricing rules in the article “How are personal stocks priced in”. Today, let’s put aside the controversy for now, focus on the fun, and list the top 15 “valuable” figures on, with a special focus on introducing five of them.

#1. Racer: Founder of

Racer is currently the most “valuable” user on, with 151 holders and a share price of 3.1 ETH.

Although not accurate, but for intuitive comparison, we can use blue-chip NFTs as a benchmark: this “floor price” level is close to Azuki (3.5 ETH).

In a tweet announcing the investment by LianGuairadigm, LianGuairadigm publicly revealed the two founders of, which quickly boosted their value.

Unfortunately, Racer has currently set his Twitter account to private mode. Unauthorized followers cannot view his tweets.

Recently, crypto KOL nix discovered that Racer had released a copycat NFT, and the project has been “soft-rugged”. We can perhaps glimpse into the past of from this information.

In late 2022, the NFT project Kosetto was born. It is a sticker product (similar to “emoji”) that allows users to copy their NFT stickers to the clipboard and use these images elsewhere.

On January 29, 2023, Kosetto was officially launched on the Chrome Web Store, where users could use the sticker feature on the extension. Unfortunately, the product did not gain popularity, with only 3 downloads and no updates since January 31.

The last update on Kosetto’s official Twitter was at the end of January, and it currently has about 3,700 followers.

#6. iam4x: friend ecosystem developer

iam4x is the founder of, an open-source trading application. Users can access and use this product through the trading platform API.

In the description of, it defines itself as a “news trading application”. Unlike other trading platforms, this product integrates real-time news messages in the trading UI. The latest news on the traded assets will be presented in the trading panel. This allows users to react to market information more quickly and timely.

Of course, this product alone is not enough to generate great enthusiasm for its shares. In addition to, iam4x has also developed

This is a trading bot for, where users can complete automated trading of on this product.

In the product description, iam4x also honestly states that the robot he uses is different from this product, but a faster one compared to it.

Currently, iam4x’s shares have generated a trading volume of 170 ETH, and he himself has earned 8.5 ETH in fee income.

#9. FaZe Banks: Silent but earned 44 ETH

FaZe Banks used to be a famous YouTuber with 5.04 million subscribers on YouTube, but he has not updated any videos for 4 years.

His other well-known identity is the founder of FaZe Clan. FaZe Banks, whose real name is Richard Bengtson, founded the esports team FaZe Clan in Los Angeles in 2010. FaZe Clan is involved in various games, including Call of Duty, CS:GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and more.

In 2021, FaZe Banks started getting involved in the Web3 field and conducted many NFT transactions.

Although FaZe Banks is already one of the most expensive figures on, an interesting fact is that it is difficult to call him a “Twitter KOL” as his latest tweet was posted 4 months ago.

Despite not being active on Twitter, for reasons unknown, Banks activated his And relying on the popularity he has accumulated over the years, he became one of the most expensive figures on without making a sound.

Currently, Banks’ personal share has a trading volume of 880 ETH, and he has earned 44 ETH in fees.

#10. Friend Index

Friend Index is an unofficial index product initiated by Octoshi.eth. This account also has one of the fewest followers among the top 15 “expensive” people, with less than a thousand.

As the name suggests, this account is more like a personal share ETF product than a social account. Friend Index will purchase “top figures” selected by Octoshi. Its initial capital is 4 ETH, and all the fees earned by Friend Index will be used as capital investment.

Octoshi.eth’s personal Twitter has just over a thousand followers. But its wallet address is quite wealthy, currently holding over 2.4 million assets.

Octoshi said that the product will fluctuate with the market, and the Friend Index will sell personal shares that are no longer Alpha and buy more Alpha.

It should be noted that although it is called an “index,” this product is not a passive investment but is judged and actively invested by Octoshi. He also stated that in the future, a mechanism may be introduced for Friend Index holders to vote on investment decisions.

#12. Christian2022.mid

Christian is a popular post-00s whale recently. He is a co-founder of the crypto fund NDV (NextGenDigital Venture) and a super holder of NFTs. He attracted attention earlier for buying hundreds of series NFTs overnight after Azuki’s decline.

NFTGO data shows that Christian’s assets in a single wallet exceed $1.5 million. In the whale comprehensive ranking of this product, the wallet address is also ranked 151st.

At the end of June this year, after the collapse of Azuki’s new project, he proposed to acquire the project for $40 million to Azuki founder ZAGABOND. Christian also gained support from the NFT community and was selected as one of the multisig managers in the decentralized project AzukiDAO community, which filed a lawsuit against Azuki founder Zagabond.

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