Understanding the zkSync open source framework ZK Stack in one article

zkSync has announced the launch of ZK Stack, a scalable and composable framework aimed at building L2 and L3 Hyperchains. Cryptography researcher zer0kn0wledge.era has analyzed the 5 key features of ZK Stack and their impact.

ZK Stack is a modular, sovereign, and future-oriented framework for building zero-knowledge (ZK) driven chains. It is built on five core principles: open source, modularity and composability, flexibility, verified security, and future-oriented.

Hyperchain, built using ZK Stack, relies on zkSync Era for settlement and data availability (DA), with Ethereum serving as the ultimate consensus and security layer. Hyperchain can also use other modular DA solutions such as Celestia, Avail, or EigenLayer’s EigenDA. Additionally, the Hyperbridge network will connect Hyperchain to create a seamless interoperable network.

For traditional DeFi or NFT projects, deploying on the existing Hyperchain (zkSync Era being the first Hyperchain) may be more efficient, providing the ability for synchronous composition with other protocols. However, in two cases, developers may prefer to build their own Hyperchain on ZK Stack: developers need customization for their chain; developers accept asynchronous connections with other ecosystems.

Reference: https://twitter.com/expctchaos/status/1673436051199922176

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