5 Overview of Starknet’s DeFi Ecosystem Projects: What Are Their Characteristics and Risks?

Starknet network is about to undergo a series of updates, which will support a three-digit TPS. Cryptocurrency KOL Starknet_Digger evaluated the characteristics and risks of five DeFi projects in the Starknet ecosystem.

Although the ecosystem of Starknet is rapidly growing in all metrics, the data is still relatively low. The TVL on Starknet is only $60 million, and the TVL of Starknet DeFi is only $11 million (while Uniswap has over $3.5 billion).

mySwap is the third-ranked DeFi protocol in TVL on Starknet, built by the Braavos team, and can be directly integrated into the Braavos wallet (with trading functionality). 10kSwap ranks third in TVL, but the project is anonymous and Discord has been completely abandoned. The team seems to be engaged in wash trading on the platform, so I personally won’t waste time on this.

JediSwap currently accounts for about 60% of Starknet’s TVL and is working hard to deploy UniSwap’s V3 version on Starknet. SithSwap is a combination of Curve, Convex, and Uniswap V2. AVNU aims to solve the fragmentation problem of liquidity on Starknet by creating a DEX aggregator for on-chain liquidity (already launched on the mainnet) and a pricing system for off-chain liquidity.

Reference: https://twitter.com/Starknet_OG/status/1665360531014955009

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