Review of encryption index products: Phuture, Index, Alongside

Phuture Finance co-founder Charles reviewed three on-chain index protocols: Phuture, Index, and Alongside. He believes that the narrative around crypto indices is still in its very early stages, but he is optimistic about the development of this track and on-chain service providers.

Phuture Finance’s products include: Phuture DeFi Index (PDI), the largest on-chain index by asset size; Colony Avalanche Index (CAI); and USCDC Savings Vault (USV). All Phuture products have the characteristics of being on-chain, fully collateralized, and permissionless. The Phuture team is developing Phuture 2.0, a non-custodial cross-chain asset management platform based on LayerZero, which unlocks the cryptocurrency market through a single token.

I believe Index Coop is one of the best-run DAOs. Index Coop has created various indices and on-chain products, including the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), Bankless BED Index (BED), Metaverse Index (MVI), and some products related to ETH. I expect them to perform well in the next bull market.

Alongside builds its products around Coinbase, and all index funds are hosted by Coinbase. Their only product is the Alongside Crypto Market Index ($AMKT). In summary, the narrative of crypto indices is still in its early stages, but it is one of the biggest opportunities I see. I am bullish on on-chain service providers and DYOR.


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