Evening Reading | Hong Kong virtual asset trading regulation will be implemented, individual traders will receive detailed protection

1. Hong Kong’s virtual asset trading regulation will be implemented to provide detailed protection for retail investors

On May 23, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong released a “Consultation Summary on the Proposed Supervisory and Regulatory Framework for Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators Seeking to be Licensed by or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission” (the “Consultation Summary”). The key points of the upcoming guidelines can be seen from today’s published “Consultation Summary”. Below are several key provisions regarding the protection of exchange users’ interests. Click to read

2. Understanding Pudgy Penguins’ two new products in three minutes: how to use O2O to play with NFTs

On May 19, 2023, the blue-chip NFT Pudgy Penguins team announced the release of two new products: Pudgy Toys (offline) and Pudgy World (online digital experience). These two products released by Pudgy Penguins seamlessly introduce ordinary users into the NFT world through O2O collaboration, making these users seamless NFT players. Click to read

3. Overview of the latest selected projects of Outlier Ventures’ DeFi Base Camp accelerator

On May 22, 2023, Outlier Ventures jointly launched the DeFi Base Camp accelerator with NewOrderDAO, and announced the latest eight selected projects for the latest period, including Swipelux, Event Horizon, Helix, QiProtocol, 31Third, SYNTHR, Coaction, and Rampnalysis. Outlier Ventures stated that the latest DeFi Base Camp accelerator mainly focuses on… Click to read

4. Cascade Explained: The First Rollup that Supports IBC

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the need for seamless communication between different chains has become crucial. IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol) is a groundbreaking protocol that supports data transfer between any two blockchains. In this article, we will delve into the main components of IBC, explore how IBC works, focus on its unique advantages compared to other communication solutions, and study its recent implementation on the first cross-chain SVM (Solana Virtual Machine rollup) Rollup Cascad. Click to read

5. Outlook of the Ethereum Staking Market: Potential Opportunities under Dynamic Competition Landscape

After Ethereum transitioned to PoS in September last year, two important protocol upgrades followed this year: Shapella and Cancun. The former mainly supports validator withdrawals, making Ethereum staking a closed loop; the latter will introduce Data Blob as an early layout of data sharding. Now more than a month has passed since the successful implementation of Shapella. Due to the activation of withdrawals, there have been some changes and turning points in the market. The author of this article mainly combines recent primary market observations to propose several ideas about the Ethereum staking track and explore investment opportunities in this track. Click to read

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