IDO & IEO: An inventory of 7 popular projects soon to be launched

Projects including encrypted banks and Web3 version of TikTok are selected in this week’s list for first release on multiple platforms, and are briefly introduced. In addition, it is recommended to read “May Third” and “May Second”, “May First”, “April Fifth”, “April Fourth”, “April Third”, “April Second”, and “April First”.

Project name: KAIF


Introduction: KAIF is an AI-driven decentralized DeSoc platform designed to help people improve their skills and personal lives and profit from them. Users can earn rewards by sharing their data and participating in various activities on the platform. KAIF Digital Passport is a digital identity based on Ethereum’s Soulbound Token (SBT) that protects user data to log in to any Web3 environment, storing personal data, skills and experience, medical data and social profiles. KAIF Digital Twin is an AI-driven personal assistant that uses data from KAIF Digital Passport to help users improve their personal skills, education, health, and career.

Crowdfunding details: KAIF will launch IDO on Enjinstarter and WeBlockingd on May 23, selling KAF tokens at $0.15 per unit, planning to raise $200,000. Details are available at

Project name: Wistaverse


Introduction: Wistaverse is the first influential global virtual initiative platform, hosting events for influencers and speakers, organizing actions and fundraising, allowing people to participate in and carry out large-scale virtual initiative activities, and providing safe and non-violent alternative initiative solutions for those who cannot participate in real life. It has been launched on The Sandbox.

Announcement: Wistaverse will conduct its IDO on WeBlockingd on May 25, selling 1.85 million WISTA tokens at a unit price of $0.07, with a planned fundraising of $130,000. For details, please click:

Project name: OptionBlitz


Introduction: OptionBlitz is a decentralized enterprise-grade options and social trading platform based on Arbitrum, which supports European options and American options, as well as expiration options and perpetual options (called Turbos) trading. BLX token is the governance token of OptionBlitz. Optionblitz DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization driven by the BLX token holder community, which manages the funds invested in it strictly according to the wishes of the BLX holder, where BLX is an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum mainnet.

Announcement: OptionBlitz will conduct a public sale of BLX tokens on its official website on May 25th, with a unit price of $0.1. For details, please click:

Project name: ETHOS


Introduction: ETHOS is a Web3 version of TikTok that allows fans and creators to communicate with each other more effectively. Creators, brands, and end-users create a web3 economy on the chain by using the creator token (CRT) and 3TH (ETHOS platform native token) to contribute to the win-win contribution of all ecosystems, while equipped with GameFi, SocialFi, and staking earning mechanisms to prosper the ecosystem.

Announcement: ETHOS will conduct its IDO on its official website on May 25th, selling 3TH tokens at a unit price of $0.045. For details, please click:

Project name: Goracle


Introduction: Goracle is the oracle and data service provider of the Algorand ecosystem. Goracle removes the limitations of decentralized applications that can provide functionality for daily users by bringing the best data to the chain in the safest and most efficient way. By creating flexible and modular oracle infrastructure, Goracle can fulfill the promise of oracles, which can be fast, support frequent upgrades, scalable, and decentralized. Another use case for Goracle is its collaboration with sports data provider OddsJam, enabling the protocol to access sports results through APIs.

Previously, Goracle announced a $1.5 million funding round led by Borderless Capital with participation from the Algorand Foundation, Valhalla Capital, and Big Brain Holdings.

Public sale details: Goracle will conduct an IDO on May 28th on Poolz Finance, selling GORA tokens at a unit price of $0.75. For more information, click:

Project Name: QWAN


Introduction: Banger Games is a global gaming center that primarily develops P2E games. QWAN is its governance token for the ecosystem, and holders of the token form the decentralized community QWAN DAO, which can discuss, propose, and make decisions on QWAN funds, governance, projects, and related community initiatives.

Public sale details: QWAN will conduct an IDO on May 30th on Poolz Finance, selling 4 million tokens at a unit price of $0.15, with a planned fundraising of $600,000. For more information, click:

Project Name: Galobank


Introduction: Galobank is a financial project that aims to connect traditional finance with cryptocurrency. It is also the first bank with its own EVM blockchain, providing fast, low-cost transactions suitable for DeFi and CeFi applications, and supporting cross-border transactions. In addition, it can be integrated with debit cards, allowing users to easily use cryptocurrency at merchants that accept card payments.

Public sale details: Galobank will conduct an IDO on its official website on May 30th, selling GALO tokens at a unit price of $0.2. For more information, click:

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