Long push: Inventory of 38 ChatGPT plugins released by OpenAI

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Note: the original text comes from a long tweet by @FinanceYF5.

OpenAI just released another 38 ChatGPT plugins today. Plugins for marketing, podcasts, finance, SEO, news, etc… Here is the MEGA guide for all the new plugins:

7 plugins for finance, 5 for advertising, 4 for education, 4 for local life, 4 for news, and 4 for video. 9 plugins for other types.

SEO CORE AI: Use AI to analyze and improve website SEO.

MixerBox News: Get the latest news!

Podcast Search: This tool explores podcasts from Podcastindex.

Boolio: The easiest way to analyze global stock values.

Tomorrow Io: Predict, plan and adapt to weather forecasts.

Public Lectures: Discover and access the correct moment in public lectures.

ChatWithVideo: Ask, analyze and dissect with YouTube videos.

GameBase: Chat and get game information.

Local by GoodCall: Discover and support restaurants, shops, and services near you.

Statis Fund Finance: Financial data tool for analyzing stocks.

Penrose Analyst: Search for global news and research papers.

Currency Converter: Convert currencies based on exchange rates.

Creature Generator: Create a random creature for role-playing games.

Visla: Create short videos from a public material library based on themes. 15/ImageSearch: Find and display images from unsplash.

XBlockingpers: Find real academic papers on arXiv.

Tic Tac Toe: Tic Tac Toe in ChatGPT.

ChatSpot: Get marketing/sales data, including company research and keywords.

Klook: Find the best experiences, tours, hotels, and transportation options.

Magnetis: Magnetis is a digital wealth management company.

SEO Application: Your personal SEO assistant.

Abridged Due Diligence: Search for recently submitted filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and provide links for deeper analysis.

CreditYelp: Access various basic financial calculators.

PortfoliosLab: Stock, ETF, fund, and cryptocurrency analysis.

DAIZY: Insights into asset performance, risk, and sustainability.

Giga Tutor: AI-driven personalized tutor providing customized answers.

Clinical Trial Radar: Information about global clinical trials, organizations, and diseases.

FundsDB: Discover financing opportunities in the UK and India.

Career Copilot: An on-demand assistant helping software developers find better jobs.

I Am Rich: Proudly proclaim “I am rich”.

Creatuity Stores: Integrated stores so you can search products across all stores at once.

RoboAd: Your AI ad assistant!

Photorealistic: Generate realistic prompts for Midjourney.

Competitor PPC Ads: Discover their ads by entering competitors’ websites.

QuakePH: Stay informed of the latest earthquakes in the Philippines.

CoinCap: Get cryptocurrency information.

Zumper Rental: Find rentals in the US and Canada.

Decision Journal: Become a better decision maker by tracking your decisions and reviewing them.

Introduction list of this plug-in:

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