Overview of Binance Labs Investments: Which Fields are They Currently Focusing On?

Binance Labs is the venture capital department of Binance, valued at $7.5 billion. Cryptocurrency researcher defizard has written an analysis of Binance Labs’ strategic investment focus areas and the projects with the highest return on investment, as well as outlining their top three favorite projects supported by Binance Labs.

Binance Labs’ strategic investment focuses on key areas such as infrastructure, electronic finance, social networking, games and metaverse, cryptocurrency financial technology, and developer tools. Binance Labs has invested $1.6 billion in the DeFi sector, $1.55 billion in blockchain infrastructure, and $1.48 billion in GameFi. In addition, ranked by investment return, Polygon has the highest investment return rate of 237 times, followed by The Sandbox at 78.6 times, and Axie Infinity at 62.2 times. Currently, PERP holds the most investment in Binance Labs’ portfolio, at approximately $1.49 million.

My top three personally favored projects supported by Binance Labs are: 1) Fusionist, which raised $6.6 million from Binance Labs and FunPlus and is a blockchain game infrastructure layer that recently completed beta testing; 2) Zecrey, which raised $4 million from companies such as The Spartan Group and is a Layer 2 privacy cross-chain protocol based on ZK Rollup, capable of cross-chain aggregation and management of digital assets from different public chains (such as Ethereum, Near, Solana, BNB Chain, etc.); 3) Polyhedra Network, which raised $25 million from companies such as Binance Labs and is building a system focused on blockchain interoperability, scalability, and privacy, including zkBridge, which facilitates cross-chain asset and data transfer.

Reference: https://twitter.com/belizardd/status/1670461553676791809

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