Smart money that earns 60 times profit in 2 months

The Data Nerd discovered that a Smart Trader turned $1,500 into $80,000 (a 60x return on investment) in less than 2 months. Interestingly, their most profitable trade was ZACH (35x return).

When Machibigbrother sued Zachxbt for defamation, someone launched a token called ZACH. Within 30 minutes of the token’s release, he mimicked it with $700 and cashed out at the top 2 hours later. Profit: $25,000 (35x).

Regarding AI, he bought 0xencrypt for $100 (entry price of $0.15) and received it from the Deployer Wallet, making it difficult to calculate his true entry price. He sold tokens worth $50,000 in total. His final big win was with HEART. 80 days ago, he bought 13 million HEART for only $800. Profit: $17,000 (20x).

As for losses, he managed his risks well. On average, he only lost $100 per trade and at most lost $900 on TG. Overall, his win rate is 55%.


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