Overview of “The Summit” topic hosted by 1kx: On-chain games and autonomous worlds

Two weeks ago, 1kx hosted a summit where 54 blockchain game developers and community members gathered to discuss all topics related to blockchain games and decentralized worlds, including why putting games on the blockchain matters to users, what UGC looks like, and how to generate profits. All videos are stored on the video NFT platform Glass Protocol.

1) “Worlds & their history done quick” | Jay Springett; 2) “Automatic Indexing with Codemods” | Citadel; 3) “Building with Briq” | Briq; 4) “Downstream: Composable MMO” | Playmint; 5) “Lessons learned after two years of onchain games” | Cometh; 6) “Onchain Gaming: Principles for Building Viable Systems” | Mithraeum; 7) “Onchain Games in History” | 1kx; 8) “Building with Dojo” | Cartridge.

Reference: https://twitter.com/pet3rBlockingn_/status/1666764726427353091

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