LianGuai Morning Post | US SEC accuses Hawaiian man of implementing a false cryptocurrency pump and dump scheme


US SEC Accuses Hawaiian Man of Executing False Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Scheme

A Hawaiian man has been accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission of artificially inflating the price of unsecured loans by spreading false press releases promising high returns. The agency also alleges that he falsely claimed to convert the loans into cryptocurrency. The SEC’s New York office filed charges against Jeremy Koski on Friday.

It is alleged that he issued false press releases and redemption notices regarding stocks he held in a trust fund operated by retailer JCPenney. The agency states that Koski intentionally lied to investors in order to drive up the price of these stocks so that he could sell them through the pump and dump scheme. According to the website of the US District Court in Hawaii, Koski is scheduled to appear before a federal judge for a preliminary hearing on November 6.

Market Update

As of the time of writing, according to coinmarketcap data:

BTC recently traded at $25,974, with a daily change of +0.39%;

ETH recently traded at $1,636.03, with a daily change of +0.18%;

BNB recently traded at $214.34, with a daily change of +0.24%;

XRP recently traded at $0.5045, with a daily change of +0.55%;

DOGE recently traded at $0.06319, with a daily change of -0.01%;

ADA recently traded at $0.2558, with a daily change of +0.74%;

SOL recently traded at $19.567, with a daily change of +1.22%.


Korean Financial Regulatory Agency Requires Virtual Asset Service Providers to Report Any Changes in Registered Personnel

Since Binance’s acquisition of GoLianGuaix earlier this year in the Korean market, the Korean financial regulatory agency has been monitoring virtual asset service providers (VASPs) more closely than ever.

The authorities had previously notified existing virtual asset service providers to report any changes in their location or registered personnel, and recently, they have also stipulated the obligation to report changes in foreign personnel.

Blockchain Applications

Smart Wallet Giddy Launches Multi-Chain Functionality on Ethereum Mainnet

Self-custody crypto smart wallet Giddy is expanding its private key technology to support the Ethereum mainnet. Following its initial launch on the Polygon network, Giddy now supports a second chain.

The Ethereum mainnet support includes in-app purchases of converting fiat to crypto, token exchange transfers, and the ability to shop directly with thousands of well-known enterprises from over 150 countries.

Yearn: All services have been migrated to

The yield aggregation protocol Yearn announced that all services have been migrated to backup infrastructure, and is functioning as usual. Yearn has requested MetaMask and Coinbase to blacklist the .finance domain name. Secure applications have been migrated to a new address. Ledger integration will be updated tomorrow, and there may be issues with WalletConnect integration. API users should migrate to


Data: crvUSD minting quantity drops to 113 million

Curve website data shows that the minting quantity of the native stablecoin crvUSD has dropped to 113,157,914. The collateral value based on wstETH is $85.6877 million, based on WBTC is $58.302 million, based on sfrxETH is approximately $12.8415 million, and based on ETH is $7.3068 million.

Scam Sniffer: An address lost 83 stETH due to unrevoked authorization after a phishing attack

According to Scam Sniffer, a victim lost two instances of $stETH due to unrevoked authorization after a phishing attack. Initially, they lost 52 stETH, and then transferred 31 stETH to the same wallet 3 hours ago.

Total locked value on Ethereum Layer2 reaches $9.532 billion

L2BEAT data shows that the total locked value on Ethereum Layer2 is $9.532 billion, with a 1.29% decrease in the past 7 days. The highest locked value is on the scalability solution Arbitrum One, approximately $5.239 billion, accounting for 54.96%. The second highest is Optimism with a locked value of $2.408 billion, accounting for 25.26%.

Number of Bitcoin wallets surpasses 48 million

The number of Bitcoin wallets holding Bitcoin has reached 48.24 million, reaching a historical high. In 2023, there have been 5.61 million new Bitcoin wallet addresses created. In comparison, only 3.62 million Bitcoin wallet addresses were created in 2022. It is worth noting that this means the user acquisition rate of Bitcoin has surpassed last year’s 55% with still 4 months remaining.

Important Economic Trends

CICC: U.S. manufacturing inventory cycle may begin

CICC research report states that the U.S. manufacturing PMI has rebounded for two consecutive months, and the inventory indicator of enterprises shows bottoming characteristics. We believe that with the adjustment of the normal inventory cycle, the diffusion of the stimulus effect of the Biden administration’s industrial policies, and the stabilization of real estate sales investment, U.S. manufacturing activities are expected to recover, opening the door for a new inventory cycle. We expect the U.S. manufacturing sector to start a new round of restocking at the earliest in the fourth quarter of this year. (Jin Shi Data APP)

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A transaction output (TxOut) is an output in a transaction. The transaction output contains two fields: 1. Output value field: used to transfer 0 or more satoshis; 2. Public key script: used to determine the conditions under which these satoshis can be spent.

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