Has the Blur point system been hacked? The player ranked third on the leaderboard earns nearly 3000 points per day but has not traded any NFTs.

Some players believe that the Blur point system has been compromised, as the third-ranked player earns nearly 3000 points per day but has not purchased any NFTs for 6 days. Proof’s research director wrote a tweet analyzing how this user achieved this and believes that Blur’s rules need to be adjusted.

How did they do it? A large-scale bid for more than 60 NFTs below the top. Since the seller can only sell 60 at a time, their bot can cancel bids when someone else sells. Also, a single block can only handle 180 sales, so even if bots from multiple wallets coordinate sales, they won’t reach a bid depth of 181+. Another wallet, CBBOFE, is ranked second and earns 4200 bid points a day but hasn’t bought any NFTs in 17 hours. When viewing Blur, note that bids exceeding a depth of 180 (or 60 in most cases) are likely not genuine.

I don’t think this violates current rules because the bidder is simply adapting to the actual sales situation, rather than using MEV strategies to front-run. Considering that Blur’s goal is to reward adventurers, I hope the policy can be adjusted.

Reference: https://twitter.com/punk9059/status/1664616712623325184

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