zkSync TVL shows healthy growth, taking stock of its early and non-token projects to capture substantial profits.

Recently, the TVL of zkSync has seen healthy growth. Cryptocurrency KOL AlΞx Wacy believes that one of the main benefits of participating in the ecosystem now is the chance to receive valuable airdrops. He has taken stock of early or tokenless projects in the zkSync ecosystem and introduced cross-chain bridges and tools that are beneficial for reducing transaction costs.

Projects worth paying attention to: 1) SyncSwap, the first seamless DEX. It goes without saying that you need to participate in and closely follow this project. 2) Maverick Protocol, a dynamic distribution AMM that can automatically execute liquidity strategies, eliminating daily maintenance and meta-protocol usage. 3) Stratum Exchange, a native liquidity hub designed to attract TVL in the ecosystem. The center uses the “voting custody” NFT (veNFT) model, allowing projects built on zkSync to generate sustainable liquidity for their tokens.

4) Valea, a community-driven liquidity layer and AMM designed to innovate and revolutionize the ve(3,3) model. 5) Omega (PRJCT), a real yield platform that combines DeFi and NFT. It establishes a secure and user-friendly platform that allows investors to seamlessly bet, borrow, and trade assets. 6) zkDX, a derivative DEX that plans to add foreign currency and stock trading. 20% of its token allocation is dedicated to rewards in its token economics. 7) Super Launcher, an investment DAO. The token has been released, but users can participate in IDO through staking. 8) ReactorFusion, a DeFi lending marketplace. It is based on composite finance and has a bribery reward token economics. The token has been released.

Cross-chain bridges: 1) Orbiter Finance, allows users to send funds from other chains to zkSync at a cheaper price. 2) Bungee, a possible router list that allows you to choose your preferred router. The Refuel function can send some ETH to pay for gas fees.

Useful tool links: 1) @zkSync_Insider and @zkSyncFans, news and updates about zkSync; 2) dune.com/Marcov/zkSync, on-chain analysis; 3) ecosystem.zksync.io, ecosystem projects.

Reference: https://twitter.com/wacy_time1/status/1665365503391461378

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