How to preserve life trajectory under the NFT mindset

Last week, I made plans with some friends to visit several Liaotian Towers starting from Shenyang. When we got to Shenyang, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a sun hat and had to urgently run to the morning market by the river to buy one. The morning market sold mostly counterfeit goods, with some of decent quality, but I really didn’t want to go out with an ADLDAS hat. In the end, I chose this one.

The quality of this hat is average, with a heavy brim and an extremely light hat body, like a kite. As expected, it was blown away by the wind several times during our travels. I was not very satisfied with it, but I was too lazy to go to another place to buy a new one, and I thought to myself, “Bear with it, and throw it away on the last day.”

Our farewell came a little earlier than I had imagined. One day, we climbed a deserted hill to get a closer look at the tower. After much effort, we finally climbed to the top, but a gust of wind blew my hat away. I couldn’t climb down the mountain just to pick up the hat, so I decided to let it go. Who knew that ten minutes later, a friend climbed up from another hill holding my hat. It turned out that the hat had been blown onto the narrow wilderness road he was passing by.

From being blown away on the mountaintop to being picked up again, it became a hat with a story, and was also blessed by friendship, so I didn’t throw it away. I continued to wear it for a few more days until the end of my trip, took it back home, and washed and stored it. I probably won’t wear it again, but this hat will remind me of the fried cakes at the morning market by the river, the ancient stone towers, the thorns on the wild mountain road, the scenery on the mountaintop, and the good friends I traveled with and the good times we had together. It is now a non-fungible hat.

I say it’s non-fungible not because it’s a bit older than the other 20 hats on the market stall, but because this hat comes with my memories and emotions. However, this difference only exists in my mind, I cannot technically attach these experiences and memories to the hat . Therefore, others can only distinguish its differences physically – oh, this is a hat that is a little bit old..

A few months ago, I bought a pair of Nike’s digital physical shoes and just completed the redemption last week. Its digital form is an NFT-form digital collection, while its physical form is a size 9.5 sports shoe, which I will receive in September. This shoe has many cool features, including automatic shoelace tying, turbocharged shock absorption, wireless charging, gesture control, and even the ability to adjust the light color through a mobile app. But these are not the focus of my attention. Its most important feature is that it has a chip built-in called “RTFKT World Merge”.

Through this chip, the physical shoes can be verified and associated with its digital form NFT, which in a sense achieves the interoperability between the physical and digital worlds. It is a shoe with digital memories built-in.

If I wear it to look at the 88 existing Liao Towers, it becomes a pair of shoes with the experience of the Liao Tower Grand Slam. It can also be Sanya flat shoes, Zibo special forces shoes. “It uses Web3 to record the roads traveled, the scenery seen, turning experiences into trusted data, and truly giving data ownership to users. This data has programmability and interoperability, and they will form another identity of users in the digital world. Maybe in the future, when someone studies the Liao Tower, they will try to find the address that has walked the most Liao Towers and try to establish contact. Maybe if I wear it every year to participate in Devcon, I will receive a steady stream of new project trial invitations.

With the support of this type of data system, there will also be a large number of small-group social emergence in the future. People can choose to communicate with like-minded people using their digital identities. We can join the flat group that can only be entered after having 180 days of Sanya flat data, or the fan group that goes to see the train every week. Natural trust will be formed among like-minded people because these data are trustworthy and verifiable, and experience is what people value most.

Nike is not the only one. Many teams have begun to try various ways to embed chips with built-in NFTs into wearable goods. When a new dimension is added to the items in our daily life, the unlocked new scenes will be countless, and the limit is only imagination. Physical form is not necessary, NFT tickets, NFT fan cards, NFT membership, all of these will eventually become a part of our lives.

Every life is unique. Now we can preserve this uniqueness in a new way. Even if it’s only a small part, it’s precious enough.

The scenarios mentioned in this article are based on reasonable imagination of existing technological development, and to some extent refer to Nike and other similar solutions, but do not specifically refer to Nike’s solutions.

The pictures used in the article are from Yixuan, Huan, MasterBlocking, and other fellow colleagues, and I want to express my gratitude to them.

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