Coinbase elaborates on the five neutral principles of the Base

August 25th News: Coinbase has released an article announcing the five Base neutrality principles. They are as follows:

1: Law of Chains. Coinbase is committed to maintaining the Law of Chains as the primary neutrality principle of Base. This law establishes a set of common standards for all OP Stack blockchains and ensures that builders and users can access a neutral and open block space in Base. As the second core developer of OP Stack, the Base team has worked closely with Optimism to define the initial draft of this law and will continue to work closely with the Optimism Collective to improve this principle based on community feedback.

2: Your Keys, Your Cryptocurrency. Coinbase does not store or control the cryptocurrencies that users bring into the Base network. Just like on the Ethereum mainnet, owning cryptographic assets depends on holding valid private keys. Users (not Coinbase) are responsible for their actions on the network.

3: Transaction Ordering is a Free Market. Coinbase will not influence, discriminate, or prioritize the order of transactions that occur on Base. Similar to a post office, the Base network only delivers messages based on receipt time and optional priority fees set by users. Coinbase’s products, customers, or partners do not have any special privileges to jump the queue.

4: Equal Access to Information. Coinbase will not misuse any non-public information collected from Base. Private transaction data (including any insights obtained by the Base team through operating sorters, such as transaction ordering) is not used for marketing or any other commercial purposes. Coinbase and its partners will rely on the same public data as everyone else.

5: Free Exit. Coinbase does not impose any restrictions on withdrawals from Base. Users who are dissatisfied with Base can withdraw their assets freely without any penalties. Coinbase will not use exit barriers to maintain any below-standard experiences or policies.



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