Evening Must-Read | Reasons why the Federal Reserve is destined to fail

1. Explanation of the Protocol Governance and Revenue Exchange Framework of Optimism and Base

This month is an important milestone for Ethereum: a publicly listed company has launched its own OP Chain supported by Optimism for the first time. For Optimism Collective, the launch of Base means more validation than OP Stack technology. Click to read more

2. Multicoin Capital: Two Ways to Improve the Long-Term Staking of POS Networks

Today, almost every Proof of Stake (PoS) network provides rewards through protocol staking and inflation; however, no network has yet been able to offer a killer feature: long-term staking. The term structure (see footnote below) allows investors to strategically lock up capital for a specific period of time in exchange for typically larger investment returns. In the financial field, the term interest rate makes up the yield curve, which is an important component of a well-functioning financial market. However, in the crypto field, these fundamental elements do not exist at the protocol level. Click to read more

3. Suspected Dump and Run? NotLarvaLabs Founder Exposes Mastermind behind PEPE

On the early morning of August 25th, CryptoNoddy, an on-chain detective, discovered that the PEPE multisig wallet changed the threshold from 5/8 to only 2/8. At the same time, as of around 5:00 AM Beijing time on Friday, over 16 trillion tokens (worth about $15.6 million) flowed out of the PEPE multisig wallet and into addresses related to Binance, OXK, and Bybit. As a result, the PEPE token experienced a major drop. Click to read more

4. 6 Charts to Understand the Correlation between Bitcoin Price and Mainstream Assets like Stocks

As giants step up their involvement in Bitcoin, its financial asset attributes are becoming stronger. Although Bitcoin is considered an independent asset with its own price trends, as it further becomes an important part of the global financial system, its correlation with traditional assets will inevitably increase. Click to read more

5. Arthur Hayes Blog: Reasons Why the Federal Reserve is Doomed to Fail

Nowadays, everyone managing funds is studying the way the Federal Reserve dealt with inflation in the early 1980s and comparing it to the current situation. Powell believes he is the Paul Volcker of this moment (LianGuaiul Volker, who is considered the Federal Reserve Chairman who ended inflation in the 1970s), so we can expect him to try the same approach (bold rate hikes) to escape inflation in the United States. Since revealing at the end of 2021 that the Federal Reserve will begin tightening monetary policy through rate hikes and tapering, he has said this in almost every interview. Click to read more

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