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Lido monopoly may bring big trouble to Ethereum, V God proposed a solution

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin announced an innovative proposal this week aimed at improving Ethereum's staking mechanism.

Vitalik’s latest research How to resolve the risks brought by a large number of double staking in Ethereum?

This article will mainly focus on two challenges of the centralized risk of node operators and the unnecessary consensus burden in the current LSD…

Vitalik Which functions should Ethereum solidify at the protocol layer

Recently, there has been an increasing interest among some people in formally incorporating more features into the Ethereum core protocol.

Singapore Token2049 leader’s view Payments and RWA become key tracks, ETFs and regulations spark heated discussions

This article integrates the perspectives and conference experiences of some attendees, taking a look at the viewpoints and trends discussed by industry experts in…

Vitalik Projects should consider how long Hong Kong’s friendliness towards cryptocurrencies can last

V God (Vitalik Buterin) expressed today in Singapore that since the second half of last year, Hong Kong has shifted towards a crypto-friendly stance.…

Vitalik Buterin Nanyang Technological University Speech Transcript The Past and Present of Ethereum

The DeThings Team has compiled and translated the keynote speech delivered by Vitalik Buterin on September 6th at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The…

Vitalik Buterin’s Speech Transcript at Nanyang Technological University The Past and Present of Ethereum

This article is a keynote speech delivered by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on September 6th.

The Decentralization Challenge of Ethereum Lido Becomes the Target of Criticism for Monopoly

The Ethereum community recently expressed concerns and criticisms about the expanding influence of Lido in the liquid staking market. The main reason is that…

Interpreting Vitalik’s latest paper Privacy Pools make compliance no longer come at the expense of privacy and decentralization.

We urgently need a method to prove and convince regulators that the source of my funds is clean and legal without compromising privacy and…

A Review of the Dispute Between the Founder of MakerDAO and Vitalik Solana as the Trigger, What is the Reason?

MakerDAO founder Rune expressed a preference for choosing the Solana code architecture for its independent dedicated blockchain NewChain on the forum. The next day,…

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