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Synthetix Founder Technical Challenges and Future Road of Synthetix

Synthetix faces several technical challenges; we can bypass these challenges and test a core assumption.

The golden age of decentralized stablecoins is coming? Exploring the exciting changes in the DeFi stablecoin field

Cryptocurrency researcher Ignas believes that we should not be misled by the $125 billion drop in the market value of stablecoins. The various changes…

DeFi tokens show signs of a turnaround, is there an opportunity for $SNX?

Recently, DeFi tokens have shown signs of a turning point. Cryptocurrency analyst Nay conducted a catalyst analysis on the Synthetix token $SNX.

Synthetix’s Road to Advancement: Why Transform from a Synthetic Asset Protocol to DeFi Infrastructure?

Within the past month, the daily trading volume of Synthetix Perps has surpassed that of GMX, ranking second in the decentralized derivatives market (with…

What will happen next with Synthetix?

Founder of Synthetix Kain.eth has posted a discussion on certain proposals that have received widespread support from the Synthetix Treasury Committee, including adjusting the…

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