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Euco-Cloud Chain Research Institute: In-depth analysis of the logic, regulatory rules, and potential impacts of the Hong Kong dollar stablecoin issuance.

This article will start from seven basic questions to interpret the issuance logic, technical framework, regulatory rules, and potential impact of HKD stablecoin, and…

Guide to implementing Web3 in Hong Kong Cyberport: How to get a subsidy of 1.3 million and a free office space

Original author: Techub News Source: mirror With just one idea, Ivan, a Hong Kong local entrepreneur born in the 1980s, received a subsidy of…

Dr. Ouyang Mo: New York should learn from Hong Kong in cryptocurrency regulation

Due to regulatory authorities denying the wishes of the city's leadership, New York's global relevance compared to other major financial centers is decreasing -…

Viewpoint: Hong Kong should issue a stablecoin backed by foreign exchange reserves

Calling on the Hong Kong SAR government to issue a stablecoin backed by Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves. The stablecoin will have dual protection:…

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS): Introducing Purpose-Built-Blockchain (PBB) Technology Whitepaper

This article will describe how to extend the PBM concept, which is introduced for the first time in MAS's Orchid project, to a wider…

Arthur Hayes Blog: US Regulation Tightens, Hong Kong Welcomes Cryptocurrency – What Does This Mean?

I believe that what happens in the United States regarding cryptocurrency is actually irrelevant, because capital is fungible.

Five YES or NO questions about the Hong Kong VASP Bill:

CSRC will provide simplified application measures for the dual license system.

Is the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance a “business”? A closer look at the differences between Hong Kong’s SFC and the US SEC

Will Hong Kong's SFC follow the SEC in defining securities and enforcing regulations, investigations, and fines?

Hong Kong’s new regulations on virtual asset regulation take effect: a new starting point for the development of Hong Kong’s Web3.0 ecosystem

We believe that the implementation of the "Guideline on Supervision of Virtual Asset Trading Platforms" for operators signifies a further improvement in the regulatory…

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