Analyzing the ARKM token mechanism: How to transform intelligence into public goods?

Data analysis platform Arkham is about to launch its token ARKM on Binance Launchpad. Cryptocurrency researcher Garlam introduces the utility of ARKM and the operational mechanism of the Arkham platform.

ARKM will enable the buying and selling of cryptocurrency intelligence. ARKM is planned to be used for physical tagging, hacker tracking, and more. Buyers request intelligence through bounties, and sellers provide intelligence through auctions, thus turning intelligence into a public good.

Bounties are the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem: 1. Initial buyers: invest ARKM to initiate the process; 2. Subsequent buyers: can stake ARKM, and if the initial buyer wishes to monopolize, they can buy out the stake; 3. Bounty hunters: solve/provide intelligence. In order to support the network, Arkham charges a 2.5% maker fee for submitting bounties and auctions, and a 5% taker fee for paying bounties and successful auctions.

Arkham will incentivize users to use ARKM in two ways: 1. ARKM rewards: reward behaviors that are beneficial to the Arkham ecosystem (grants, partner rewards); 2. ARKM discounts: enjoy up to 60% platform discounts by paying with or holding ARKM.


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