Apple Vision Pro: Reflecting on XR, RNDR, and the Future of Spatial Computing, One Month After Release

It has been a month since the release of Apple Vision Pro. Scarlett Wu, an investment manager at Mint Ventures, wrote an article analyzing the past issues of XR software/hardware and the opportunities that Vision Pro can bring, as well as sorting out web3 related projects such as RNDR and sharing her optimistic directions.

3D Rendering + AI Concept Target RNDR: In the past six months, RNDR has been a meme that combines the triple concepts of metaverse, AI, and MR, leading the market multiple times. The project behind RNDR, Render Network, is a protocol that uses a decentralized network to achieve distributed rendering. RNDR’s tokenomics were changed in February of this year, which is one of the reasons for its price increase. However, although RNDR has seen a significant increase in price in the past six months, Render Network’s business situation has not grown as much as its coin price: the number of nodes has not fluctuated significantly in the past two years, and the amount of $RNDR allocated to nodes each month has not increased significantly, but the number of rendering tasks has increased. The migration of digital assets from flat devices to MR devices will indeed bring about an increase in demand for infrastructure. In February of this year, Render Network launched NeRFs, a 3D rendering technology that combines AI, which uses AI computing and 3D rendering to create real-time immersive 3D assets that can be viewed on MR devices. This type of space rendering will be an important tool for MR device content production and provides potential demand for Render Network.

Metaverse: Although the fundamental changes are limited, the topics related to MR seem to be inseparable from several large-scale metaverse projects, such as Monkey’s Otherside, Animoca’s The Sandbox, the oldest blockchain metaverse Decentraland, and Highstreet, which wants to create a VR world like Shopify. However, most existing VR supporting developers are not “VR-only” and existing products have not been finely adapted to the user habits and operating interactions of MR. Upcoming projects and other big companies and startups that see the potential of Vision Pro are actually on a similar starting line: after better integration between Unity and Vision Pro, the learning cost of MR ecology game development is expected to decrease, and the experience accumulated from the relatively narrow market in the past is difficult to reuse in a product that is about to achieve mass adoption.


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