Adventure Gold DAO launches new L2 network Loot Chain: Can it bring development advantages for the Loot community and AGLD?

Adventure Gold DAO has announced the launch of a new L2 network Loot Chain based on the OP Stack. Cryptocurrency researcher yuyue.lens has written an analysis of Loot Chain’s goals, future ecosystem roadmap, and the historical performance of the Ronin Chain as a precedent.

Loot Chain is an EVM-compatible Layer2 developed specifically for the Loot community by Adventure Gold DAO. AGLD acts as Gas and uses Polygon as the data layer to reduce the construction, deployment, and operation costs of Loot Chain. The main goal of Loot Chain is to solve the problem of high Gas fees on the ETH mainnet by providing a more cost-effective and efficient execution environment. In addition, L2 Caldera, which focuses on building high-performance, customizable, and specific dAPPs, provides infrastructure support for Loot Chain, including block browsers and indexers, making it easier for developers and users to interact with Loot Chain.

The future roadmap of the Loot Chain ecosystem includes: 1) the possibility of upgrading Loot Chain to ensure that it always meets the needs of the Loot community developers, and is jointly managed by the Loot and AGLD communities; 2) solving the pain point of Gas fees, allowing developers to better develop NFTs and game demos on Loot Chain. It is said that there will be an autonomous world-related hackathon in the future.


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