Long Push: 7 potential projects in LayerZero ecosystem that are worth paying attention to

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Note: This article is from the Twitter account @Defilaocunzhang, who is a crypto KOL. The original content of the tweet is compiled by MarsBit as follows:

【Seven Potential Projects in the LayerZero Ecosystem Worth Paying Attention To】

@LayerZero_Labs is an interoperability protocol that enables seamless communication between blockchains, which means that DEFI projects can obtain unlimited liquidity while maintaining security. With a strong investment team, the protocol has raised $170 million and has a valuation of $1 billion. As a result, more and more excellent projects are being born in its ecosystem.

Previously, I wrote a #LayerZero airdrop tutorial. In addition to the airdrop, the projects in its ecosystem also have strong investment potential. The following are seven key potential projects in the LayerZero ecosystem, which can be used as a major investment reference.

LayerZero Airdrop Tutorial:


1 @StargateFinance

Stargate is a liquidity transfer protocol (bridge) that supports 8 chains. Its governance token $STG can be easily used on all chains through LayerZero integration.

TVL: 380 million US dollars

The $STG token is LayerZero’s core product and often responds quickly during market frenzy.

Current price: 0.59 US dollars

Market value: 122 million US dollars

Empowerment: Staking STG to earn veSTG for voting

2 @traderjoe_xyz

The largest DEX on Avalanche is currently using LayerZero technology to connect different ecosystems and increase liquidity, opening up market opportunities beyond Avalanche through LayerZero technology.

TVL: US$100 million

Tokens: $JOE

Current price: 0.37 US dollars

Market value: 127 million US dollars

Empowerment: Allowing users to share platform revenue and obtain exclusive rewards and features

3 @_WOOFi

WOOFi is a multi-chain DEX and one of the most convenient DEXs that adopts LayerZero technology. It has a user-friendly interface, price charts, and other innovative features.

TVL: US$22 million

Tokens: $WOO

Current price: $0.22

Market cap: $384 million

Empowerment: yield staking, LaunchBlockingd, trading revenue, institutional revenue

4 @RDNTCapital

Radiant Capital is a decentralized full-chain protocol that allows users to collateralize funds on one chain while borrowing from another. Using LayerZero technology, users can obtain deep liquidity across any chain.

TVL: $270 million

Tokens: $RDNT

Current price: $0.27

Market cap: $75 million

Empowerment: serving as dynamic liquidity providers and receiving rewards

5 @rage_trade

Decentralized perpetual contract platform on Arbitrum. The updated V2 version this year is a full-chain contract platform based on L0 and is currently developing the most liquid and composable ETH perpetual contract.

TVL: $9 million

Token: $RAGE (unissued)

Interactive portal: https://app.rage.trade/vaults/0xa237af5e…

Click on Vaults to deposit and withdraw assets in the treasury

Click on Trade to conduct contract trades

6 @CashmereLabs

Cashmere is a MEV-protected cross-chain exchange protocol based on @Layerzero_Labs and incubated by @BinanceLabs, allowing users to exchange assets at the best rate between any chains.

Token: unissued

Testnet tutorial: https://twitter.com/Defilaocunzhang/status/1657605112326664192

7 @AltitudeDeFi

Altitude is a native blue-chip asset bridge built on LayerZero that supports trustless transactions and message passing across multiple blockchains. Altitude aims to provide seamless Web3 transactions and enhance cross-chain liquidity.

Token: unissued

Testnet tutorial: https://twitter.com/Defilaocunzhang/status/1664459526928764929

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