6 Narratives That Could Take Off in the Next Bull Market

Author: Louis, Crypto KOL

Translation: Felix, BlockingNews

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving in various narratives. Any hot narrative can affect market sentiment and attract users to enter the market. But the key issue is to enter the market early. The difference between early and late entry may be the difference between a 50x profit and buying at the peak. Therefore, this article will take stock of the 6 major narratives that may take off in the next bull market, helping everyone to predict in advance.

Risk Warning: This article is only for sharing market information and does not provide any investment advice.


LSDFi is considered by most cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the “next” most promising track. The reason is easy to understand: investors hope to maximize their profits through LSD (currently LSD’s TVL is about 17 billion US dollars), instead of “only” earning 4% returns. Everything from lending, trading, and even L2 will be collateralized and guaranteed through LSD.

Here are the high-quality projects listed by author Louis:

  • Lybra Finance (related reading: Analysis of LSDfi leader Lybra Finance: Project characteristics and hidden risks)
  • Tenet Protocol (related reading: An interesting IDO project Tenet Protocol)
  • Blockingrallax Finance (related reading: Inventory of 10 low-market-value LSD-fi projects)
  • Asymetrix (related reading: Inventory of LSDFi classification and 8 early projects worth paying attention to)
  • Cat-in-a-Box Finance

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zk-Tech (Zero Knowledge)

After the Arbitrum airdrop, the market began to pay attention to zk-Tech, hoping to immediately receive the airdrop reward through several interactions. zk-Tech is a classic example of being overvalued in the short term and undervalued in the long term. Strong narratives take time, but the fundamentals have been perfected.


  • zkSync ERA: US$154 million
  • Polygon zkEVM: US$26 million

Scroll: 35 million+ transactions

Although zk-Tech has not yet fully matured, it is now time to pay more attention.

Fusion Narrative

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy
  • Passive Income
  • MEV Protection

MEV Protection : The era of meme economy has already begun and will gradually develop. Ordinary retail investors have long been tired of the sandwich attacks launched by “claw king” jaredfromsubway.eth (Note: The MEV robot who loves meme coin trading), fortunately MEV protection aims to solve these problems.

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy : Already a mainstream concept.

Passive Income: Loved by ordinary users, it only needs to be held to make a profit. Whether good or bad, these tokens perform well in one cycle after another. These numbers look incredible and rarely match reality, but they support the project’s mid-term prospects. The turning point of the track has now appeared.

Regarding being an early project sniper, you can consider Unibot (Note: A trading robot on Telegram that can intelligently sniper and replicate whale transactions), a tool that allows you to enter early. After seeing early BTC, presale, and pepe investors making millions of dollars, ordinary users should understand the importance of entering early. Anything that can make ordinary users money has staying power.


This year will be a turning point for the wallet track. The Ledger incident proved that encrypted wallets are not as secure as imagined. (Related reading: Why did the hardware wallet Ledger launch the Ledger Recover service to make the Web3 community attack?) Accessing DeFi is still too complicated. Account abstraction is the future, and you can see the shadow of the future from Avocado (AVO) and Rabby (wallet application under DeBank). The future wallet war will be as fierce as the L1 war.


Options grow slowly, but OptionFi is about to appear. Anything that allows speculation will eventually have a place in cryptocurrency. The first platform that can simplify the trading mechanism and allow ordinary users to participate will stand out. The author is more optimistic about Aevo and Lyra, but this is a competition among all projects. It is still unknown who will win in the future.


Narrative choice may be more important than asset choice in the crypto industry, and the key is to enter early. These six narratives all have the opportunity to break through in the next bull market. Pay attention to changes in dynamics at any time, and adapt and control the bear market.

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