IDO & IEO: Inventory of 7 Hot Projects About to be Launched

CoinList will launch the Neon token sale on June 9.

This week, Odaily Star Daily selected a list of 7 projects that will be launched on multiple platforms soon and gave a brief introduction of each one, including CoinList’s upcoming public sale of Neon tokens. Additionally, we recommend reading “May Fourth”, “May Third”, “May Second”, “May First”, “April Fifth”, “April Fourth”, “April Third”, “April Second”, and “April First”.

Project Name: Game Launcher


Introduction: Game Launcher is a platform that provides initial game products (IGO) for game projects, aiming to provide high-quality blockchain games built on the BSC network. Game Launcher includes LaunchBlockingd, Staking, Games, Farming, Marketplace, NEWS, and KOL Program, using GML as the ecosystem token. Investors are classified by the project usage level/ranking system, and owners of GML tokens can stake them in GameLauncher to increase their level and qualify for IGO/INO token sales.

Public Sale Details: Game Launcher will hold an IDO on MaticlaunchBlockingd on June 2, selling GML tokens at a unit price of $0.06. For more details, click here:

Project Name: Butane


Introduction: Butane Network is a layer 1 blockchain that aims to provide a user-friendly, secure, and scalable environment for building decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) services, driving the mass adoption of decentralized technology, and creating a thriving ecosystem for developers and users. The Butane Network ecosystem includes the following products: (1) the decentralized payment platform BBC, supported by the fast and low-cost Butane blockchain; (2) the enterprise data flow multiparty system FireFly, which provides a set of pre-integrated runtimes and an API for building event-driven multiparty applications, combined with off-chain data flows and on-chain transactions; and (3) the Butane B2B application stack, which was built based on the experience of putting modern business networks into production and provides enterprises with a full set of tools to realize the potential of blockchain in their use cases.

Public offering details: Butane will launch IDO on GemBlockingd and Pinksale on June 3, selling BBC tokens at a unit price of $0.15, with a planned funding of $273,000. For more information, click:

Project Name: GPT Guru


Introduction: GPT Guru is the next generation blockchain AI tool based on Binance Smart Chain, aimed at bridging the gap between developers, users, investors and venture capital institutions using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, giving the Web 3.0 community more creativity and productivity. GPT Guru offers a range of services, such as creating blockchain projects, smart contracts, NFTs, and AI trading, as well as creating digital and written content and assisting developers. To enhance the user experience and incentivize participation, GPT Guru has launched GPTG as a governance token, which can be used to pay for premium services on the platform.

Public offering details: GPT Guru will launch IDO on GameFi and BinStarter on June 3, selling GPTG tokens at a unit price of $0.0035, with a planned funding of $200,000. For more information, click:

Project Name: Cyber Arena


Introduction: Cyber Arena is an interactive AR and VR metaverse game supported by DOGE, where players can battle with their favorite crypto heroes or villains to win rewards. The game features multiple modes: (1) League mode, where players progress in the league, rank high, win exclusive NFTs, tokens, and receive retroactive rewards at the end of each season; (2) Tournament mode, where players use tournament tickets and select tournaments of various difficulties and sizes, accommodating up to 128 players; (3) Duel mode, where two players compete against each other, and the winner takes all of the opponent’s tokens. The game token is CAT, which players can use to buy and sell NFTs and boosters to enhance their game experience, and a portion of game and protocol revenue is used to repurchase tokens.

Public details: Cyber Arena will conduct an IDO on June 6th at GameFi and WeBlockingd to sell CAT tokens at a unit price of $0.00138, with a planned fundraising of $400,000. Click for details:

Project name: Metatime


Introduction: Metatime is a comprehensive blockchain service ecosystem, whose core is the MetaChain blockchain and the applications built on it. Specifically, it includes the decentralized trading platform MetaExchange and the new NFT standard MetaNFT. Currently, Metatime is conducting a MetaAirdrop, which will last for 10 months, with a total reward pool of 200 million MTC tokens.

Public details: Metatime will conduct an IDO on June 7th at kommunitas to sell MTC tokens at a unit price of $0.1, with a planned fundraising of $150,000. Click for details:

Project name: Neon Labs


Introduction: Neon Labs is a company that builds secure blockchain solutions and is the developer of Neon, a software environment on Solana that allows developers to build applications using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In other words, Neon EVM is the Ethereum Virtual Machine on Solana, which enables dApp developers to use Ethereum tools on Solana blockchain to scale and get liquidity on Solana. Neon Labs completed a $40 million financing round in 2021, led by Jump Capital, with participation from Three Arrows Capital, Solana Capital, IDEO CoLab Ventures, and others.

Public details: Neon will launch a token sale on CoinList on June 9th, and the registration deadline is 20:00 on June 5th Beijing time. This token sale will release 50 million NEON tokens at a price of $0.1. Click for details:

Project name: HyperGPT


Description: HyperGPT is a marketplace that integrates AI solutions and seamless SDKs, committed to providing AI solutions to improve customer business performance and enhance customer experience. Users can connect their wallets and access integrated AI solutions. HGPT is the platform’s utility token, and users can earn token rewards for making contributions.

Public Offering Details: HyperGPT will conduct an IDO to sell HGPT tokens on Poolz Finance and Enjinstarter on June 8th, priced at $0.008 per token, with a planned fundraising of $300,000. Details at:

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