Is it worth looking forward to the Apple Meta Quest 3? Meta’s first consumer-grade MR headset.

Just four days before the Apple WWDC conference, Meta announced their next headset device: the Meta Quest 3, which they claim to be the “first high-resolution, color mixed reality”. Previously, rumors had suggested that Apple would release an MR headset at the 2023 WWDC. This move undoubtedly reveals the determination of Meta and Apple in their head-to-head competition. With the PSVR2 on the horizon and Apple’s MR headset in development, what are the highlights of Meta Quest 3 worth paying attention to? Let’s take a closer look.

Meta’s most powerful headset device yet

It is a mixed reality (MR) head-worn device that utilizes Meta Reality technology and also supports virtual reality (VR), making it suitable for both types of games and applications.

In fact, Meta’s former Oculus division has said that it will reveal more information at the Meta Connect exhibition on September 27, so we expect the Quest 3 to be released shortly thereafter.

Meta Quest 3 at a glance

Here are some technical and parameter details of the Meta Quest 3:

  • The 128GB version of the head-worn device starts at $499.99. There will also be a version with higher storage capacity, although the specific capacity has yet to be determined.

  • It is powered by the next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR chip, which provides twice the graphics performance of the Quest 2.

  • The head-worn device is a mixed reality (MR) device that utilizes Meta Reality technology and also supports virtual reality (VR).

  • The head-worn device features a “thinner, more comfortable” design, and Meta says it is 40% thinner than previous versions thanks to its flat lens design.

  • The head-worn device offers a higher resolution than the Quest 2. It also offers high-fidelity color perspective, melding the real and virtual worlds.

  • The device is equipped with a 4MP RGB color camera, depth sensor, and 10 times more perspective pixels than the Quest 2.

  • The Quest 3 uses the redesigned (non-surround!) Touch Plus controllers, but can also use the Touch Pro controllers from the Quest Pro if desired. The Touch Plus controller also uses TruTouch haptic technology, which debuted on the Touch Pro. The device also supports hand tracking with Direct Touch, so users don’t necessarily need to use controllers.

  • The Quest 3 is backward compatible with over 500 VR games and applications for the Quest 2.

  • The Quest 3 will be released in all countries that currently support the Meta Quest.

Meta Quest 3 Price

Mark Zuckerberg previously stated that the price of Meta Quest 3 would be in the range of $300 to $500, but we did not expect it to be at the top end of this price range – $499.99.

This relatively high price is bound to bring comparisons with Sony PlayStation VR 2. We have heard that the price of Quest 2 may drop to $299, which will make consumers who are slightly interested in virtual reality more inclined to buy.

The current Oculus Quest 2 has been reduced to $299, which is more reasonable.

Quest 3 Design

The appearance of Quest 3 is definitely more fashionable than other Oculus/Meta wearable devices, thanks to the use of lens technology (which will be described in detail below), which makes the wearable device 40% thinner than Quest 2.

Quest 3 uses a more ergonomically designed Touch Plus controller version (or the Touch Pro controller of Quest Pro if needed). It is worth noting that there is now no external tracking ring on these controllers. Meta says this makes them more like a natural extension of the user’s hands. They also take up less space.

Quest 3 Hardware

Quest 3’s hardware features several notable characteristics that enhance the overall user experience. Here are some key aspects of Quest 3 hardware:

1. High-resolution display: This wearable device provides a higher resolution display than its predecessor Quest 2. This higher pixel density makes images clearer and more detailed, providing users with a more immersive virtual reality experience.

2. Next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR chip: Quest 3 is powered by the next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR chip. The chip’s graphics performance is twice that of Quest 2, making game and application performance smoother and graphics more realistic.

3. Thinner design: Quest 3 features a thinner and more comfortable design. It uses pancake lens design, making the wearable device 40% thinner than Quest 2, making it lighter, more ergonomic, and suitable for long-term wear.

4. Mixed reality and virtual reality support: Quest 3 is a mixed reality (MR) wearable device that uses Meta Reality technology. It combines elements of MR and virtual reality (VR) to allow users to experience the fusion of the real world and virtual content.

5. High-fidelity color perspective: This head-mounted device provides high-fidelity color perspective, seamlessly blending the real world with the virtual environment. This feature enhances the immersion and realism of the virtual experience.

6. Upgraded tracking and controllers: Quest 3 comes with improved Touch Plus controllers, offering a more natural and intuitive interaction with virtual objects. Additionally, the Touch Pro controllers for Quest Pro are also compatible with Quest 3.

7. Backward compatibility: Quest 3 maintains backward compatibility with over 500 VR game and application titles from Quest 2. Users can continue to enjoy existing VR content on the new headset.

These hardware improvements for Quest 3 provide users with a more advanced, immersive virtual reality experience, offering improved graphics, comfort, and interaction capabilities.

“Fundamentally, our vision is to enable people to traverse all realities in an intuitive and delightful way.” That’s a relatively lofty idea from Mark Rabkin, Meta’s vice president of VR. He says Quest 3 will go beyond the “virtual reality” and “mixed reality” categories, offering a true next-generation experience that seamlessly blends the physical and virtual worlds together.

“Meta Reality both brings the magic of deeply immersive VR to users and empowers them with the freedom and joy of using MR to make the physical world more fun and useful. We’re excited about what developers and creators will build on the Quest platform.”

Quest 3 Applications and Games

According to Alex Heath of The Verge in early 2023, Mark Rabkin, Meta’s VR vice president, said that “there will be 41 new applications and games adapted to the Quest 3 platform.”

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, we learned a lot about Quest 3 games. Meta talked about 16 games, including new releases, updates, and classic remakes.

The most significant reveals of the event were Asgard’s Wrath 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR. There were also Stranger Things VR, I Expect You to Die 3: Gears in the Machine, and The 7th Guest.

We also learned that Quest 3 is compatible with the current Quest 2 app and game library, which includes over 500 apps and games . When announcing Quest 3, Meta listed a few examples: “Now you can play virtual board games like Demeo on your kitchen table, decorate virtual art in your living room with Painting VR, or immerse yourself in a fully immersive world to do things that are impossible in other ways. The choice is yours.”

At the 2022 Meta Connect event, the company explained that they have collaborated with Microsoft to develop some additional features. Many of these features are related to Office, but they are also integrated with Xbox Game Blockingss. The feature is gradually being rolled out to Quest 2, so we are confident that it will also appear in Quest 3.

Is Meta Quest 3 worth the wait?

Meta Quest 3 is expected to be a huge consumer VR headset. While it may lack some of the better equipment, such as occlusion rendering and eye tracking, it will bring higher visual realism through the upgrade of ordinary lenses, resulting in some of the best wireless VR experiences.

Although Quest 3 is expensive, a headset device that is lighter, has full-color perspective functionality, new chipsets, and exclusive gaming features sounds attractive, and it does indeed guide the next step of mixed reality. We believe that waiting for the popular VR headset series from Meta is definitely worth it.

Original article by Dan Grabham, Chinese content compiled by the MetaverseHub team, please contact us if you need to reprint.

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