Inventory of 5 ETH NFT projects with big moves happening in June: y00ts, Memeland…

Now the market’s attention is focused on Ordinals NFT, but there are still many ETH NFT projects worth paying attention to in June. Cryptocurrency influencer pius has listed five ETH NFT projects that will make big moves in June.

1) y00ts/Degods, this may be the most obvious one, DeGods season 3, y00ts season 2, both coming in June. We’ll be keeping an eye on it as Frank and the team work hard, it’s that simple. 2) Memeland, the launch of Memecoin ($MEME) is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Memeland ecosystem to date. It has a significant impact not only on Memeland holders, but on the entire ecosystem. 3) Sappy Seals, “Empowerment is a growing brand and IP embedded in the gaming ecosystem,” their gaming ecosystem is Pixlverse, expanding beyond Twitter and building games, developing IPs, and rebranding. 4) Cyber Kongz, they recently announced “GENKAI” and “NIAKEA,” with NIAKEA being a brand new world and GENKAI seeming to focus on anime. CK will have a new mint. 5) Opepen, founder Jack Butcher has been hard at work, allowing users to join unpublished Opepen Editions of different artist’s sets, combining art, PFP, and gamification, while supporting artists. This is innovation. What else is worth noting in June? 1) Azuki event; 2) ETHER launch; 3) YogaPetz release (possibly).


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