Viewpoint: ZK/L2 is not a narrative, but it can be a fertile ground for breeding new narratives.

Many people expect ZK/L2 to become the mainstream narrative of the next bull market, but CryptoInsight researcher Haotian believes that ZK/L2 can only be considered as technical infrastructure and track, which are not narratives themselves, but will be the fertile ground for breeding new narratives.

The narrative needs to open a long cycle of internal and external consumption cars, such as DeFi Summer and NFT in the previous round (a series of combination nesting games such as governance, lending, mining, derivatives, staking, etc.?). However, zk and L2 will be a fertile ground for breeding new narratives. The new narrative may emerge in the fields of RWA, Social, Game, etc., and at least three prerequisites are needed to start a new ZK/L2 Summer: 1) Massive adoption needs to happen on the zk/L2 track, with a real user base of at least 10 million? 2) No longer pursuing absolute decentralization and anti-censorship, technical solutions such as zk-SNARK/STARK tend to balance regulation? 3) Lightning network approaches a payment channel at the level of Visa?


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